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How to Choose the Best Commercial Coffee Machine for Your New Office


Nov 13, 2020

It’s Monday morning and you simply can not wait for your complimentary cup of office coffee to curl up at your computer. You drop your belongings and go to the company coffee machine in the kitchen in your office, but the glass coffee flask is empty.

You’re expected to do the dirty work of making a fresh pot even though you haven’t completed the very last cup, and you’ll have to endure an exhausting 20 minutes for coffee to enter your bloodstream

Your whole Monday is destroyed now because someone else was lazy and didn’t feel like respecting the coffee maker’s societal norms. If you’re shopping for a new coffee machine in the workplace, you’ll come to know how many choices are there.

Buying a New Coffee Machine For The Office

It can be a struggle to find the correct built-in coffee machines for your office, because they greatly vary in scale, versatility and availability. Coffee is the lifeline of most workplaces, so it is always worth it to invest a little time and energy into finding the right item for your staff.

We are going to look at what the coffee machine is right for your needs in this guide. We’ll walk you through one of the most important things to remember, from technology to flavour and capacity to affordability. 

1. How much coffee a day do you really need to make? 

When you ask yourself which built-in coffee machine I must buy, think how much coffee you’re going to make daily. This can change everything from how much you pay to the machine size you purchase. 

Non-commercial built-in coffee machines are not built for heavy usage, but if you’re planning to use them repeatedly during the day, you need to be sure you purchase an appliance that’s up to the mark. You’ll want a heavy-duty unit that’s designed to last if your coffee machine is going to go into an office kitchen & change the work environment

2. Choose a form of brew that best fits your needs

Do you, your staff, and your guests enjoy coffee with freshly roasted beans? Or are you in search of ease of access?  Since there is a great  variety with five distinct brewing types stated below: 

  • New Coffee Beans

Barista-quality coffee is delivered to work by an espresso machine. You love a distinctive taste due to the high pressure, completed with a nice coat of milk. 

  • Roast and Ground

You will enjoy coffee from ground fresh beans filtered coffee with a philtre coffee machine. 

  • Instant-hot water, combined with instant coffee

You can comfortably and conveniently enjoy a good cup of coffee using an instant coffee machine. 

  • Cafitesse

A special coffee extract is produced by a Cafitesse coffee machine so that both tasteful aromas and coffee components are assured. 

3. Running Cost  

Running expenditures are a major consideration. Ideally, for a couple of years, you’d like to retain your workplace coffee machine. Your productivity would have a real effect on your electricity costs if you have your computer for three, four, five years or much longer.

Compare the operating costs of multiple machines and consider the amount of energy used by each system. You should also consider how much time it takes to make a cup of coffee, figure out what the operating costs are, and then calculate how much it will cost to rebuild the unit. 

Now, the most inexpensive workplace coffee machine to buy initially may not be the cheapest to operate in the long term.

4. Time needed to make a cup of coffee 

There is no better option than to mount a professional coffee machine to spice up the dining area. Not only will it keep people in good spirits and enthusiastic, but will also encourage individuals to connect in the workplace. 

Do you hold meetings in your business on a daily basis and need many coffee cups in a limited time? Then it’s better to go to a coffee machine that is efficient and fast. In four to nine seconds, the coffee is ready. 

When you are making a cup of coffee, it should take up to thirty seconds with a built-in coffee machine with fresh espresso beans that are not already brewed. When picking your coffee machine, bear that in mind.

5. Determine which service contract would better suit you 

Many service providers provide different kinds of service contracts to guarantee the efficiency of the built-in coffee machines. If you are up to buying a new coffee machine, make sure to sign a contract as well. 

This contract will help you a lot when it comes to the maintenance of the coffee machine. In case there arises any problem, you can call the company to tell them resolve the issue right away. 


We only suggest making the order if your company is currently devoid of a coffee machine, or maybe you’re trying to upgrade your old one

There are endless advantages of having decent coffee brewers, and you will be praised by all the coffee drinkers in your office.

We hope that this article covers the enough information you need to buy a new coffee machine for your office. 


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