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How to choose the best crossbar for your truck


Nov 10, 2021 #Experts

The truck bars are different, and trucks vary in length and width. You need to begin by assessing the feet or tower to make an installation point for your luggage. Crossbars are valuable accessories that enhance your truck’s cargo capacity. 

Crossbars are two bars that run across your truck’s width, either on the backside or on the rooftop. They allow mounting of cargo onto your truck. They transfer weight to the towers or feet.

Here, you will get the best tips on how to buy Tacoma bars

The mounting requirements

Different vehicle bars need to have specific installation requirements. The C-channel clamps won’t need any alterations. The other types will need you to drill holes on your truck’s sides to bolt them. When you are buying, you need to check if the crossbar has installation brackets. 

Use the installation instructions in the user manual to mount the crossbar. 

Material structure

The construction material is vital when choosing a perfect bed crossbar. Steel material is strong and heavier than aluminum. Steel bars are resistant to rust, long-lasting, and robust than aluminum ones. The good thing with light truck bars is that they give an improved mileage performance. 

The weight of the cargo

It’s not advisable to buy a crossbar with a low weight capacity. Your cargo weight will determine the number of times you will have to replace your crossbar. You have to know cargo weight, user limitations, width, and limitations of the bar. 


Check to ensure your cross bars are compatible with the truck. The uniformness will feature in the length, width, and attachment fixings. 


It’s an essential factor that you should consider before you buy a truck cross bar. You need a high-quality cross bar that supports excess cargo weight and gear. The price of crossbars depends on the type that you need. 


A perfect bar is adjustable in height and size. Make sure you can move it depending on what you need to carry. 

The best buying tips

Buy a crossbar that is quick and easy to install. Use only the mounting guidelines in the provided manual. They will aid in buying the needed accessories to complete the installation process. If you miss any of the accessories, then the crossbar will be weak and insecure to use. 

Buy the correct crossbar design and construction materials. A poorly designed crossbar is dangerous and can make your luggage fall off on the road. Distribute the weight across the crossbar. It will reduce the instances of your load shifting. Ensure the cargo weight is steady and equally spread out. 

Choose the top best crossbar that will ease you to carry your load despite the weight or size. Your load safety matters a lot, and it’s thus essential to get a crossbar with safe fixing attachments. 

Get the adaptors designed for the specific crossbar. They will enable you to carry your luggage comfortably. 

Advantages of truck bed crossbars

The truck bed crossbars build an extra space to use. You will access more truck space to transport heavy items that won’t fit on the truck bed. 

The crossbars provide excellent efficiency when you go on an adventure or for a trip. You will save on the expenses of using excess fuel and hiring crossbars. 

When you fix the crossbars well, they become convenient for use anytime you wish to use them. 

Well-fixed crossbars add extra value to your truck. You will sell it at a higher price than the usual selling price. 


There are many crossbars in the market. Be specific on which one you want to buy based on your needs and ability.

By ozfetch

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