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How to choose the right concrete gutter removal company?


Oct 1, 2022

Gutters are not the most exciting part about being a homeowner and damaged gutters can lead to lots of damage on the inside and outside of your home. Having them cleaned, lined, removed, or repaired can feel like talking in a different language. The work is typically expensive, and it can be a tough decision picking the best gutter specialist to do the job. If you’re having a tough time picking a gutter specialist, this guide aims to give you some tips on what to look for.


Whatever individual or company you choose should be correctly licensed and registered to be performing this job. If you are uncertain, enquire with the company


If you do not want any additional travel costs, you should choose a company that is local to you. Additionally, it is important to support local companies with your business.


Whenever you have an issue with your concrete gutters it is recommended to enquire with a few companies. Usually, they will offer free quotes, and this will help you gain a rough estimate of the price of the job, as well as which companies might be trying to charge more than the others. That said, companies will take labour and supply costs into consideration and therefore their pricing may vary from company to company. If you are unhappy with the pricing, the company should be able to provide you with a breakdown of the costs to help you understand further what you are buying.


It is advised to have your gutters checked and cleaned at least once a year, but typically twice. If you have a usual gutter cleaning person you trust, perhaps enquire with them if they offer further removal services. Or, if they do not do it themselves, ask if they know anyone else they recommend.

Additionally, when choosing a concrete gutter removal company, you want to hire someone who doesn’t waste your time and is organised.


Every company you enquire with should definitely have insurance to be doing their job. However, if you are dubious, enquire about what exactly their insurance covers to make sure you are choosing the most suitable company.


Ask the gutter specialist about their warranty policy. This is different to insurance, but it provides you with a legal contract that ensures the products and services will last a certain number of years. At the very least they should provide one year’s warranty, but 5 years is more ideal.


When researching possible companies to use, make sure to read their online revies. That means checking for reviews on Google, Facebook, checkatrade, trustpilot, etc. Some companies may also have testimonials on their website for you to check.


Not always true, but usually a company with a lot of experience is better than one with less. Check websites and ask directly about the experience of the company and your individual gutter specialist. All companies should be able to provide relevant certificates and awards to support their experience.


Probably the most important thing to consider when looking for a concrete gutter specialist is the quality of their work. Gutter jobs can be quite pricey and as such you will want to find someone who can do the job correctly on the first try. All companies should have pictures of their work on their website, but if not, ask them yourself for proof of their work.

Furthermore, if you are still not satisfied, ask them for testimonials, or to explain the process to you. If they explain it confidently and accurately, chances are they know what they’re doing.


Read reviews and other people’s experience with the company before purchasing from them. Other people’s experiences will be indicative of the way the company will treat you.

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