As you go to an online dartshop, you will need to know which dart barrel is right for you, especially if you are new in the game. When you pick the right dart barrel, it is going to have a high impact on the way you are going to play.

If you imagine a dart as a rocket, then consider the barrel as the control center where the astronaut can sit, being tightly encased in a narrow, sturdy, metal tube.  The barrel is the heart of your dart.

It is choosing the right dart barrel narrows down to a mix of budget and personal preferences. Though both are likely to evolve the longer you play, it is all about choosing a dart, which makes you be able to feel comfortable when facing the board.

The following are some factors that you will need to consider as you check on an online dartshop so that you get the right direction on choosing the right dart barrel.

Where you are going to hold the hand

If you are holding your hand near the barrel front, then you need to go for the front weighted darts as they are going to give you a better game. But if you intend to be able to hold it back, further towards where the shaft is, then going for a rear weighted barrel might be a better choice.

 It also follows that, when you hold your dart in the middle, then it means that the best idea is to go for a center balanced dart. It is because the way you hold your dart could be because of learning using someone else’s set.  Just get what you think is comfortable for you as there is no wrong or right way.

Budget and material

The barrels on modern darts are mostly made of metals, including nickel, brass, tungsten, and silver. If you are a severe player, then the darts to go for are constructed from tungsten. It is a dense, durable metal that creates a slimmer dart, that is great when it comes to throwing tighter groupings as well as reducing the bounce outs.

It is one that resistant to wear and tear meaning, the higher level of the tungsten, the better for you. As a newbie, start with dart barrels that have at least 70% tungsten. You can then work your way up to one that has 95% tungsten, but remember that the higher the tungsten percentage, the more expensive the barrel.

The preferred weight

Most of the darts barrels available in the market are between 22 grams and 25 grams in weight. It is a personal preference, and thus, it will combine with other factors as listed above and also on how you intend to throw your dart.

For you to have a better idea of the ideal weight of the barrel and how it affects your game, you will need to do thorough research so that you get the best that will work best for you within your budget.,4.3071905,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x47c46acc6ff5a11b:0xe28ddd0f9e256387!8m2!3d51.5884555!4d4.3093845