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How To Create A Proper Blackjack Strategy?

ByDave Stopher

Nov 8, 2021 #Gaming

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Easy To Follow Tips: The Best Blackjack Strategy For Beginners

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games as it allows players to take complete control over the game. However, table games aren’t quite familiar as the most lucrative gambling features. At least, not in the short term. However, over a more extended period, you can expect some nice winnings. Consequently, players are looking for different ways to increase their odds while playing blackjack. Relying solely on luck could be detrimental to your experience. However, using the correct blackjack strategy will help you maximize your winnings. As a result, we present you with this manual on how to create the right blackjack tactics.

The Basic Rules

In the game of blackjack, you’re playing against the dealer, aiming to beat their hand without exceeding 21. The game starts after players place their initial bets. Then, the cards are dealt.

Each player receives two face-up cards. Meanwhile, the dealer has one card face down, whereas the other is faced up. You can ask to receive another card (hit) or stick with ones already dealt (stand). You can also keep hitting until you’re satisfied with the cards in your hand. However, keep in mind the value of your cards must not exceed 21.

Basic Blackjack Terms

Before we go deeper into the strategies, let’s first wrap up the basic terminology used in blackjack.

Hit: Ask for another card,

Stand: stick with your hand, without asking for more cards,

Split: If you’re dealt with two cards equal in value, you can split them into separate hands. Thus, you can place another bet on top of the original one.

Doubling Down: An essential part of every basic blackjack strategy. This move is allowed on your first two cards. You double down by placing another bet equal to your original one. Then, you’ll receive one additional card.

Bust: When you hit and go over 21.

Soft Hand: Hand that includes an ace valued as 11. For example, if you get an ace and a 6, you’ll have a soft 17. You can hit, and if you get, for example, 6, the value of your hand will be 13 (6 + 1 + 6).

Surrender: Giving up before you see the dealer’s hand. In that case, you’ll receive half of your initial bet. Keep in mind some casinos don’t allow this option.

Conservative Strategy

Managing your bankroll is an essential part of every blackjack tactic. Therefore, we advise you against playing high-stake games if you’re not feeling ready for them. However, if you have enough money to spend online, then you can try a couple of high-roller games.

You’ll notice many experienced punters advising players to raise stakes when things are going well. In that case, any potential losses will be compensated with money you have previously won.

Inexperienced players typically believe wins in blackjack come in patterns. Hence, most of them think they’ll have the same winning streak if they’ve lost 3 or 4 games straight. Anyone who has spent at least a day in a casino would know that’s not entirely correct.

That is why you can’t rely on winning streaks in the long term, as they may never come. Instead, try building a solid betting blackjack strategy that can help you increase your chances of a win. The tactic is as follows:

  • Start from the lowest amount (e.g., €1),
  • Only after you win, increase your bet by 1.
  • After you lose, go back to the original bet.

The essential part of this strategy is to go back to the original bet whenever you lose. Then, raise your stakes a little when you win.

The Martingale Strategy

This tactic is perfect for big spenders. If you’re a high roller and not afraid of losing money, the Martingale system can potentially bring you huge rewards. That said, this strategy is costly. Based on some calculations, the minimum cash needed for this system to work is around €500. However, if this is too much for you, we advise you to use other strategies covered in this article.

This tactic advises you to double the bet every time you lose. In case you end up on a losing streak, this strategy can cost you immensely. This betting system isn’t for budget-conscious beginners. The Martingale system is for the bravest and those with a healthier bankroll.

The 1-3-2-6 Betting System

On the other hand, this blackjack strategy doesn’t require a huge bankroll. In fact, it’s suitable for those looking for a way to make more winnings in the long term without risking too much cash.

The numbers’ sequence refers to the betting system you should implement for this strategy to work. Hence, after your first win, you should start with the sequence. You continue implementing until the first loss. If you’re lucky enough, this strategy can provide you with a fantastic head start.

How To Find The Best Blackjack Tactics

Thanks to its popularity, you can find many blackjack betting systems online. Moreover, many experienced players have written books about different strategies for playing blackjack. Hence, you can find tons of online materials that can help you hone your skills.

Furthermore, you can look for dedicated websites, which can provide you with a much closer insight into the game mechanics. Sources like onlinecasinocrawler.com serve to help beginners and experienced punters to enhance their knowledge. Moreover, these websites contain information about proper blackjack tactics and the best online casinos.

However, we advise players not to stick with only one source. On the contrary, using more resources helps you gain a larger picture and make an educated decision.

Final Thoughts

Gamblers typically seek ways to make additional advantages while playing at a casino. In a game of blackjack, relying on luck is the most common mistake among newcomers. Such an approach can’t guarantee any wins in the long term. However, if you’re looking to win more money by playing this popular table game, implementing a blackjack strategy will most definitely improve your result. Learn the basics and find out what kind of player you are. Depending on your bankroll, you can opt between several blackjack systems that can bring you more or less money. However, one thing is for sure: if you implement one of these tactics, this game will never be the same for you again.

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