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How to Do a Speech in Front of a Class


Nov 15, 2020

Many students are afraid of doing a speech in front of a class. That’s because this is a really unusual experience that demands a certain set of skills. Even top students may find themselves thinking “Who can do my speech for me in a winning way? Can I pay someone to write my speech for me?”

This is the reason why we’ve decided to create a list of actionable tips that can really help you on your way of creating and doing your speech.

Tip #1 – Make Your Speech Interesting for Your Audience

First of all, you need to come up with a really engaging speech that your audience will want to listen to. How do you do this? There are many ways. Let’s enumerate some of them here. Make sure your topic is interesting for your audience. Do your research to find some great quotes, arguments, and facts to support your speech.

Don’t forget to include a story or a joke in your speech. People love stories and jokes, especially if they are relevant to the topic. Keep your speech short as your peers won’t be able to listen to you attentively for more than 10 minutes.

Tip #2 – Write Your Speech in Advance

Once you do your research and find some stories, jokes, facts, quotes to insert in your speech it’s high time to get down to writing. Don’t procrastinate with it. That’s because you will need a fair amount of time for practising your speech. Make sure you write your speech in advance (at least 1 week before the deadline seems to be a good time point).

Tip #3 – Give Your Speech to Your Peers for a Review

Congrats! Now you have a script for your speech. However, don’t hurry to celebrate. It may still need some revisions and improvements. Editing is always one of the most challenging parts for writers. That’s because it’s very difficult to objectively perceive your own script.

Luckily, you can ask a couple of your peers to read your speech script and give you their honest feedback on it. Once you receive their feedback you can adjust your script accordingly.

Tip #4 – Practice Your Speech Aloud in Front of a Mirror

The next step is getting good at giving your speech. It’s not that easy. However, you need to do this to be able to master your skills. Of course, it’s not the same as giving a speech in front of a class. It is going to still give you more confidence for your speech in class. Just make sure you do such researchers in front of a mirror at least 5-10 times. Obviously, you need to memorize your speech script for this.

Tip #5 – Make Sure Your Audience Can Hear You Well

Now, you are in class and all your peers are looking at you and waiting for your presentation. But don’t be nervous. This is not a presidential speech after all. Relax and focus on your audience. Before you start giving your presentation make sure they can hear you well.

For this, you need to check the distance between you and the microphone. You shouldn’t be too close as they will hear your breaths. You shouldn’t be too far as they won’t hear anything. Or it will be difficult for them to understand what you are talking about.

Tip #6 – Don’t Use Filler Words

This is another important thing to consider while giving your speech in front of a class. Don’t make them feel bored with filler words. Maybe it’s ok to say “Well” a couple of times while you try to recollect what to say next. However, don’t overdo it. And we highly recommend you avoid “umm” altogether in your speech.

Tip #7 – Speak Distinctly and Slowly

Don’t speak too fast as chances are your audience won’t be able to catch up with your speech. As a result, they may lose interest in your speech very quickly and ignore it. To avoid this, make sure you speak slowly and pronounce each word distinctly.

Tip #8 – Use Presentation to Support Your Speech with Relevant Visuals

To make your speech even better, feel free to use a well-crafted presentation with relevant good looking visuals to support your speech. Visuals can have a really huge impact on your guidance and catch their attention. Make sure all the images you are going to use are of high quality. Don’t overdo with a number of images. 5-10 images can be a good number to stick to.

If you are not a good designer, don’t worry about it. You can always use Canva, Shutterstock, or any resource like that to come up with amazing images for your presentation in a matter of minutes.

Tip #9 – Get an Eye Contact with Your Audience

This is the last tip on our list but it’s not the least. Establishing and maintaining eye contact with your audience is very important for the overall success of your speech.

However, don’t look at the same people for too long. Focus on one person for about 7 or 10 seconds. After that, shift your gaze slowly to another person and do this all the time while giving your presentation. This will help you maintain a great bond between you and your audience.

Hopefully, these actionable tips on how to give a speech in front of a class will help you a lot. Now, it’s your turn to crush it with your speech.


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