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How to Find Free Legal Advice Online

The law is there to protect peoples’ rights, but not everybody who needs legal advice has the money to pay for a solicitor. Everyone should have access to legal counsel when needed though, and there are different ways of getting free legal advice for those who can’t afford it.

Your local Citizens Advice helps with lots of issues but can be particularly helpful at getting you the legal advice you need. They will give you the information needed to get legal representation and link you with the right groups to make sure your rights are protected.

There are a number of ways you can find free legal advice, here are some of them.

If Arrested

If you are arrested, then you have the right to speak to a solicitor before you are questioned by the police. If you would like then you can use your own solicitor, if not, you have the right to free legal advice.

Your appointed solicitor will be able to talk you through the process and give you the legal advice that ensures your rights are best protected. Everyone deserves the right to legal advice, and it is available to you for free if you are arrested.

Legal Aid

If you’re involved in a serious case and you don’t have the income to pay for a solicitor, then some or all of your legal expenses might be covered by legal aid.

Cases are broken down into two types: criminal cases and civil cases. Criminal cases are those cases where someone is charged with a harmful act, such as robbery or criminal damage. Civil cases are generally disputes between people, such as landlord and tenant disputes, or debt problems.

Find out if your case qualifies for legal aid by going to the website. Even if you think it won’t, it’s worth checking just in case.


Access to legal representation is an important part of our legal system, and there are many charities that work to ensure everyone has access to it. If you don’t qualify for legal aid, then it’s worth researching charities that help with legal expenses.

These charities are extremely well run and will be able to offer you practical advice about your case, find you the right solicitor, and help fund your case.

Find a free legal advice clinic in your area, and they will be able to help you with your next steps at the very least.

Finding the Right Solicitor

If you are paying for your solicitor yourself, then you want to find the best solicitor for your case, but there’s so much choice out there. Luckily, the internet has lots of free resources to help you find a great solicitor in your area, like Aston Knight Solicitors.

Use the information that’s out there, such as websites and reviews, to find a solicitor that specialises in the area of law your case is in and offers a really good service. You have a lot of information available to you in 2020, so make sure you’re using it!

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