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How to find the best CBD oil in UK? 10 Tips and Tricks to Find Good CBD Oil

ByDave Stopher

Apr 12, 2021

With CBD oil being shown to have a range of health uses and benefits, several product manufacturers have entered the market. Competition is no bad thing, but this has given rise to several questionable manufacturers of CBD product. The situation isn’t helped as the regulations are patchy and product labelling is not the best.

With this in mind, let’s take a deep dive into finding the best CBD oils in the UK right now.

  1. Ensure you’re buying CBD and not hemp. It is easy to confuse CBD and hemp as they both come from the marijuana plant family, and they are both used in health and beauty products. They are distinctly different, however, so ensure you get the right one.
  2. Cannabis Trade Association (CTA) approved. The CTA is the trade body that works with the MHRA and FSA to ensure products meet a required standard. This should be stated on the label. It should be noted that regulations are patchy at best, but this can be a good starting point to find a decent product.
  3. Read reviews. A decent guide to a product is the reviews. Try and look for products with good reviews, but if one says it has 3/5, read what the reviewer writes. It could treat the condition you have, and the product was used to treat a different condition. You don’t want to miss out by going by the numbers only.
  4. Get the right product for your needsCBD oilhas a variety of uses and comes in a variety of formats. For example, ensure the cream you buy to soothe irritation is actually purposed towards that end.
  5. Use reputable stores. There is a plethora of Amazon and Ebay stores offering great deals on CBD but how many of them are selling a genuine product that will make a difference to your life. Very few. Buy from trusted stores.
  6. Beware of cheap. Good CBD comes at a price. Using cheaper alternatives will no doubt result in disappointment.
  7. Talk to friends. If you have friends that use CBD products, why not ask them about it. You can discover reputable stores and product suggestions.
  8. Labelling. Given the confusion over hemp and CBD, it is important that the label clearly states that the product is a CBD product. Some simply state contains cannabis which could mean CBD or hemp.
  9. CBD dose. Some products state CBD content as a percentage, and others measured in different uses. This makes it difficult to compare CBD content. If you’re unsure calculate the CBD content as a percentage to make CBD comparisons easier.
  10. Whole extract product. Generally, a whole extract product CBD is more effective than concentrates. Choose whole extract CBD if you can.

Choosing the Right CBD Oil

It may feel like a bit of a minefield to choose the right CBD product, but once you have a good effective one, you may find your life improves significantly. Take the time and do your research to find the right one. It will give you a good long term future.