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How to Find the Trusted CBD Supplier?

ByAlex Malkin

Mar 8, 2020 #health, #life

It seems everyone is talking about the usefulness of CBD these days. CBD products can do a great deal to help alleviate a number of issues. Unfortunately, there are some companies out there that are not looking out for you and your safety. Learn how to find a good CBD supplier and meet a few top CBD brands according to CBD.market opinion

What to Look for in a CBD Supplier?

Right now, there is a major boom in the CBD industry. While this means there are plenty of options for consumers to choose from, this also means it is much tougher to find a CBD manufacturer that fits your needs. We have put together a few tips to help you find the right CBD producer that works for you.

  1. It is important to always research a company before using their products. At this moment, the CBD industry has very little regulation and there is plenty that can slip through the cracks. The information we discuss can be found on packaging or products and on websites. If you cannot find the information on these places, do not use that company’s products.

A big thing to look for when researching CBD companies is whether or not they have a physical location. Thanks to the limited regulations on CBD suppliers, these products can be produced almost anywhere. Knowing that a company uses an actual manufacturing facility instead of their basement is important to help determine the safety of the product.

  1. Another important piece of information that any reputable CBD manufacturer will list is the sourcing for their hemp. There are plenty of ways a company can grow or source the hemp their CBD is extracted from. A good company will give you the basic sourcing information like what country it was sourced in. The better companies will give you a lot more information like growing techniques and standards.

A company that is proud of their products and how they produce them will be happy to give consumers a glimpse into their processes. While it is impossible to assume a company will tell you everything about how things are done, a reputable company will give you a lot of information about how they go about extracting CBD and producing their products.

Five CBD Brands We Trust


Founded in 2016, CBDistillery is a Colorado-based CBD producer that was brought to life to battle a CBD market they saw as saturated with inferior products and high prices. Since then, the company has worked hard to produce high-quality CBD products, as well as help educate the public on CBD and its uses and benefits.

Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs was able to jump into the CBD game before it was the cool thing to do. The company produces a wide range of CBD products for both humans and pets that are high-quality and sourced from high-grade industrial hemp. Their hemp is usually sourced from European areas, which is more well-regulated than American hemp sources at this time.

Lazarus Naturals

Unlike some other major CBD suppliers, Lazarus Naturals is a 100% employee-owned business. These employees consist of industry experts, researchers, and farm managers that provide a handful of products. While they may not boast the largest product catalog, the CBD products they do provide are of the highest quality and safety.

Myriam’s Hope

Myriam’s Hope is named after the founders’ mother, who was diagnosed with a glioblastoma brain tumor. The pursuit to find a way to help their mother led to the creation of Myriam’s Hope in 2013. The family has also started a nonprofit advocacy group under the same name that helps patients find affordable CBD products.

Nuleaf Naturals

Founded in 2014, Nuleaf Naturals company now sources its hemp from specially bred therapeutic hemp grown in Colorado. Their entire process from farming to product manufacturing is aimed at creating the purest and safest whole-plant CBD extracts available. They are able to do this by controlling or being involved in every step of the production process.


CBD products can be helpful to almost anyone for a variety of issues or to simply help lead a healthier lifestyle. It is important to ensure you are choosing products and companies that take your health and safety seriously. This is easy to do with just a little bit of looking around on your part, and the benefits, in the end, cannot be overstated.

By Alex Malkin

Alex Malkin is a CBD enthusiast, researcher, and the editor-in-chief at CBD.market. He's also the author of the book "CBD: A Door to Better Health" and a certified nutrition-and-wellness specialist.

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