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How to Fix Draughty Sash Windows?


Feb 10, 2023

Period sash windows are charming and they make your home feel unique. But, unfortunately, they have their own disadvantages like they need to be maintained property and they also can be draughty. Draughty timber sash windows can be a real pain, particularly in the winter when you’re trying to keep your home warm.

This coming winter 2022-2023, we all expect an increase in energy prices, sash windows draught-proofing can save on energy and keeps the warm air in.

There are a few things you can do to make your sash windows less draughty and more energy-efficient.

Beads with weather brushes and draught excluders for draughty windows

Staff beads and parting beads are available with a pre-installed weather strip holder in most good sash windows hardware stores. If your windows still do not have draught excluders, you can remove your current beads and replace them with modern beads that will seal the gap and reduce draughts.

Secondary glazing can help reduce draughts and control ventilation

Secondary glazing can help to reduce draughts and control ventilation in your room as well as noise. It involves fitting a new inner frame to the existing window, with sealed glass units.

This can be done yourself, but it’s a fairly skilled job so you may want to get sash window specialists to do it for you.

Ventilation is important, do not make your property “too sealed”

Good ventilation is important as this can cause condensation and damp issues.

There can be a number of issues associated with bad ventilation, including:

  • Condensation and dampness on walls and windows
  • Mildew and mould growth
  • Poor air quality, which can lead to respiratory problems

It is important then some air can circulate in your home, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

You can improve ventilation by:

  • Opening windows when cooking or showering
  • Using an extractor fan
  • Leaving a window slightly open when you go out

If you have draughty windows, this can also help to improve ventilation, but as we all want to be in control of our comfort, let’s look at the trickle vets that you can install together with draught-proofing your sash windows.

Sash window trickle vents for controlled ventilation

The great thing about installing trickle vents is that they give you the ability to control the amount of ventilation in your room.

This means that you can now draught-proof your windows and do not worry that air quality decrease. Sash window trickle vents help you to ventilate the room without the need to open the window. With trickle vents, you can keep your room ventilated securely while you away.

Quick and on-budget DIY sash window draught-proofing

If you want a quick and on-budget way to draught-proof your sash windows, then look no further than our range of self-adhesive draught excluders. These can easily be fitted in minutes and will provide an excellent barrier against draughts, and dust but they will work well only for one or two seasons.


There is also one extreme way to draught-proofing windows is to use tape and just apply it to the gaps between the sash and the frame. The only disadvantage of this method is it will limit the functionality of your windows, and the opening and closing will be restricted.

A heavy curtain can go a long way towards keeping your house warm in winter, but if your sash windows are letting in draughts, it’ll make very little difference. Stopping the draughts will make your house much more comfortable.

Is draught-proofing effective?

Draught-proofing is a great way to improve the comfort of your home and can also help to reduce heating bills. In fact, it is estimated that up to 30% of heat is lost through draughty windows and doors.

So, by investing in some draught-proofing products and services, you could make your building significantly more energy efficient.

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