Have you recently felt that your life has gone haywire? That you don’t have a goal or a purpose anymore? That your dreams all seem further away than ever? All of this can be solved with a little help from above. Everyone has rough days, but knowing what the future holds can help you build a path to a better life. Use of tarot cards meanings  and crystal balls can give the divine insights you need. As a woman you will face many challenges, you need to be strong-willed to get through them. Having these insights will make these challenges much easier and your life much better. Here are some of the many ways in which you can get to empower your life.


This is one of the most ancient methods of gaining divine insight for your entire life. It has been practiced by Hindus for many centuries. In numerology you study the numbers in your life to gain insight into the course your life will take and the challenges you will face. It will also list out the various joys you will encounter in your life. There are various numbers in numerology, but the most important one is your life path number. You can calculate this number using your date of birth, each specific date, month, and the year has its own impact. Every life number has its personality type and life path. There are nowadays many websites online which will tell you about your life path by using your date of birth.


These were once an ancient system of writing, but now they are unique symbols that are printed on the wood, stone, or even tiles. Most physics carve their own runes to give it a more personalized touch and personal significance. These runes are usually carried in a pouch, and when you ask them a question they toss all their runes on the floor. By interpreting the symbols that are facing up, they will be able to tell what your future holds for you.

Crystal Balls

Crystal balls have been used by too many witches in pop-culture, but they are actually a very good means of looking into the future. You don’t have to be a fortune teller to read a crystal ball, all you need to do is believe in it. The crystal ball will conjure up images that show your future or the answers to the questions you have placed to it. To read a crystal ball you must concentrate all your thoughts and gaze into the depths of the ball. It helps if you meditate before you read a ball and place the ball in a serene setting. This will give you the clearest images for your questions.


This is an ancient divination art from China. Evidence pinpoints the usage of this technique as far back as 2700 BCE. While traditional I-Ching methods used harrow sticks, most modern practitioners use coins. Even pennies and quarters will suffice as the message does not depend on the type of coin used. Rather, each coin is assigned a yin and a yang side with their own values. Three coins are then tossed for a total of six times and the sum of the values is calculated. This hexagram number can be interpreted using the I-Ching guidebook and you will be able to know what your future holds.

Tarot cards or taromancy

This is one of the most famous and common methods of gaining divine insight. A standard deck of tarot cards will contain 78 cards, the deck will contain both major and minor arcana. Each card has its own meaning. In taromancy the seeker will choose a set of cards from the deck and lay them out. The reader will then use the images in the cards and the order of the cards to discern your future and what are the various things that will influence it. While the cards by themselves do not provide answers to your future, it is the interpreting skills of the reader to get the meaning from them. If you’re interested in going for a tarot card reading session, we’d recommend giving Latin Tarot a go.

Tea Leaves

This technique uses images to predict the future, similar to the crystal ball. In tea leaves reading, the seeker must drink a cup of loose leaf tea and then examine the pattern these leaves form at the bottom of the cup. You could also use wine sediments or coffee grounds instead of tea leaves to serve the same purpose. These images are rarely explicit, it is the reader who studies the pattern and interprets them to answer the questions you have posed about your life.

Pendulum reading

Pendulum readings use the natural energy around the seeker to direct a pendulum towards a specific answer. The seeker will gently suspend a pendulum over the sheet of parchment. The parchment sheets can have a variety of answers, ranging from simple yes and no to alphabets. Most seekers use a crystal or object with a personal significance to use as a pendulum. To get a reading, the user will hold the crystal and concentrate on the question that they have to ask. The pendulum will swing and point at yes, no, number, or even an alphabet. You can then use the given result to interpret an answer to your question.

Ouija boards 

These boards are your way of asking questions to people who have left the world. Ouija boards give more specific answers than most other techniques as they have means of producing complex answers. To use an ouija board, the seeker will place their hand on top of the planchette. The planchette will then move by the guidance of a spirit and will give an answer to your question. Sometimes the spirit might just not feel like it and say goodbye. New users must be very cautious while using ouija boards, as it possible for spirits to possess people using Ouija boards.