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How to Get Better On Pokemon Go Fast

ByDarshan Shah

Nov 24, 2019 #Gaming

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that is both easy and fun to play. You walk, find, catch, and collect as many Pokemon as you can. You can also visit several PokeStops located in your neighborhood to acquire essential items in the game, which can help your Trainer as you advance. 

However, it can become tricky when it comes to becoming proficient in the game because there are a lot of things you must consider. Here are a few excellent tips for you to become a Pokemon master.

Practice Throwing Curveballs

Catching a Pokemon using the curveball method will grant you additional experience. Plus, it helps you catch difficult Pokemon, like the ones in Raids or Shadow Pokemon skirmishes.

A Curveball is a technique where you spin a Pokeball before you throw it, and upon the release, you will curve in the direction that you rotate the Pokeball in. For instance, if you rotate a Pokeball clockwise, then it will also curve clockwise.

The trick to tossing a curveball is by rotating the Pokeball at the beginning of the encounter. You then need to drag the Pokeball down towards the left corner of your screen, while maintaining the spinning motion, accurately release the Pokeball to the encountered Pokemon.

Some Pokemon move, but assuming that the Pokemon you encounter does not, then the Pokeball should easily land on the marker.

Transfer Your Pokemon To Get Candies

You do not have to rely on Pokemon Go cheats to get stronger Pokemon, because there is a choice to transfer your Pokemon to the professor for a candy. 

For instance, if you have 40 Voltorbs, you can swap some of them for candies to power up your Electrode — the one you will use in battles. Since you only need a finite number of Pokemon in your team, getting rid of the weaker ones can be beneficial.

Trainer XP is a Priority Before Powering-up Pokemon

The XP you have will determine the skill of your trainer. Since your account will move through based on the amounts of XP, you would be needing more XP as you level up. 

However, as you keep on leveling up, the rewards get better because you will be capable of hatching and evolving Pokemon with better combat power, and can power-up them to higher levels.

Powering-up Pokemon, while you have lower XP, would cost you more candies. So, it is always better for you to save those power-ups for Pokemon until you reach a higher level, like when your trainer is at least level 20.

The level of your trainer manifests your overall advancement in the game. As your trainer level gets higher, you gain access to new items, rarer Pokemon, as well as Pokemon with higher combat powers. Besides, you will receive a package of items each time your account levels up, which include Egg Incubators and Pokeballs.

One excellent trick to gain Trainer experience rapidly is to have many friends that you can give gifts to daily. This method of having a lot of friends will help you to level up your different Friendship Levels swiftly. 

Why? Because with every new Level of Friendship that you achieve, you will also receive a huge amount of experience, which means a step closer towards catching stronger Pokemon.

Hatch the Pokemon Eggs and Use the Incubators Cleverly

The Pokemon Eggs you get from various PokeStops or receive from gifts will help you obtain a Pokemon, as well as earn XP and boost candies. 

This event happens once you place them in incubators and traveled the needed distance (2kms, 5kms, 7kms, 10kms).

Each player commences with an incubator with an infinite symbol in it,

but you can also get incubators as a piece of the reward package, or by purchasing them in the center.

Here are two tips in using the incubators cleverly:

  • Do not waste your 3x incubators, and only use these incubators for 10km eggs
  • Use the infinite incubator for the short 2km eggs

Applying this technique will help you use those incubators efficiently. Also, you can watch out for events where the game slashes down the hatching distance of the eggs.

Handle Your Lucky Eggs Intelligently

There are instances that after an update, you will get a Lucky Egg as a reward or compensation. This egg will help you earn a double XP for 30 minutes. But remember not to use the egg once you receive it, instead, try to utilize the egg for the maximum gain for leveling up your Trainer. 

That scenario might happen when you arrive in a new and busy place, in which you know you are going to be catching Pokemon, or where there are a lot of Gym battles you can win. So, always keep those Lucky Eggs first, and use them wisely to get the ideal amount of XP in return.

Pokemon Go cheats

If you do not have the time to continuously walk around, then here are some in-game cheats for you (take note that there is a huge chance that the GM will ban your account if you cheat).


Spoofing is the method of making the game believe you are in a different spot to where you are. Since Pokemon Go relies on your real-world location, you can trick or spoof your original spot to move wherever you desire and hunt rare Pokemon, even if these kinds of Pokemon will only spawn thousands of kilometers away.


Botting is similar to spoofing but way worse because it functions as an automatic spoofing. Although you do not get to select what kind of Pokemon the bot will catch, it can merely travel around the world while catching rare and extremely powerful Pokemon.

To Conclude

Pokemon Go is undoubtedly one of the most advanced games today, and different age groups have fun while playing the game because they find it easy and uncomplicated. So, if you want to become a super rookie in the game, then you can apply these tips above to progress in the game quickly.

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