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How to Guide on creating Funeral Order of Service templates


Oct 1, 2022

When a loved one passes, it can understandably be a traumatic and emotional time. It can be challenging to organise the funeral and the order of service. This guide offers you some support and information on how to arrange your Funeral order of service.

A funeral order of service can follow tradition and be a formal booklet categorising the day’s events. However, if the funeral is not a traditional service, the order of service can reflect that and be a bit more unique. Perhaps your booklet design is a lot less formal and highlights a celebration of the deceased’s life, rather than a focus on their passing. Your funeral order of service should reflect your loved one, however they wished to be remembered.

Do you need an Order of Service?

Traditionally, a funeral order of service is a booklet of the day’s events, including a list of the hymns, songs and prayers used in the service. As well as information about the service and any events taking place afterwards, such as a wake. An order of service is given to the attendees and those who could not attend as a keepsake.

What should be included?

Entrance Music

Introduction and Welcome by the Celebrant

Hymn, Prayer, poem, or Verse

Reading(s) and who is reading

A Funeral Address or Appreciation of the life


Hymn, Prayer, poem, or Verse

Commendation & Farewell


Dismissal and Blessing

Exit Music

When choosing your funeral order of service template, you’re going to have a lot of things to consider If you’re struggling for ideas, please browse our range of funeral order of service templates. We have a large range of templates to suit any style and fashion. Our designs are elegant and appropriate, designed to make the funeral arranging process slightly easier.

Simply go to our website and click the Funeral order of service templates tab. From there you’re going to want to choose a design that works for you. And add any pictures or text.

Alternatively, you can design your own order of service and make it truly bespoke. To customise your funeral order of service template simply go to our order of service template tab and choose ‘design your own’. Pick your preferred style and then customise as you wish. You can change all text on the template, as well as add any pictures. There is a selection of images (such as flowers, borders, birds, etc) you can add onto the template to personalise the design. Additionally, you can upload as many images as you wish, as well as additional pages. We also have a hymns tab where you can find a list of suggested hymns to add to your personalised order of service template.

Things to consider

Durability of the pages – If someone keeps hold of the booklet, is it going to stand the test of time?

Texture – Do you want the paper to be smooth and glossy or textured?

The number of copies – How many guests are you expecting? Do you need extra for guests who cannot make it?

Environmental concerns – Are you (or the deceased) big on environmentalism? Is there a way of making the Order of Service booklets more sustainable?

Keep the overall design simple and uncluttered. It should reflect the person who has passed, elegantly.

Use easy-to-read fonts at a good size.

Choose colour photos that best capture the character of the remembered person.

Give enough information for those who are attending, and those who could not make it.


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