The daily commute is a necessary evil for many people, helping them to maintain their income and livelihood. Even though many have switched to remote or hybrid working since the start of the pandemic, some professions and job roles require physical presence in the workplace – meaning that, for some, the daily commute is inevitable and inescapable. So, for those driving into work on a daily basis, or even just a few times per week, how can you improve your commute and perhaps start to enjoy it a little more?

Give yourself plenty of time

Stress makes everything a lot worse. You may already have a dislike for commuting, but added stress can cause a dramatic downward spiral. Avoiding stress on your daily commute should be a priority at all costs – otherwise you’ll turn up to work in a poor state of mind or negative mood. To do this, you should give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination in the morning – which can also help to miss the majority of rush hour traffic. If you’re less concerned about getting to work on time, you can sit back and enjoy your commute a little more.

Take care of your basic car maintenance

On the subject of stress, avoiding basic car maintenance can add a level of uncertainty surrounding your daily commute which you’ll want to be avoiding. Perhaps you’ve got a suspected slow puncture or there’s a funny noise coming from under the bonnet. Being proactive, by buying new tyres for your car, for example, can help to put your mind at ease and allow you to relax a little more during your commute – without having to worry about if you’re going to actually make it.

Prepare entertainment

Driving can be monotonous, particularly if you’re on the same routes every day. To counteract this, you can prepare entertainment to keep your mind stimulated without making you lose concentration on the road. Good options include audiobooks, podcasts and music. Perhaps you can find a new podcast series to listen to every morning, or you can start an audiobook and enjoy your commuting time with some storytelling. You may just want to listen to your favourite songs or try some new artists to broaden your horizons.

Have a coffee for the road

While it’s not advised to drink or eat anything while driving, taking a coffee (or beverage of your choice) for the road can help to make you more comfortable when sitting in traffic or waiting at busy junctions. Creature comforts like this can also improve your mood and perk you up a little before work – which can have a massive impact on your day ahead.