Safety Tips to Follow While Installing Electric Water Heater

Though installing electrical water heater can become easier if you follow this step-by-step video tutorial. But it is good not to install water heater by you own since it requires both plumbing and electrical work as well you should need to hire water heater repair company. Given here are a few safety tips to follow when you are using an electric water heater.

Do Not Install it Yourself:

It is true that every one of us like to indulge in Do-it-Yourself methods. But, for the sake of safety, it is good to call to a well-trained and suitably qualified electrician for installing the water heater. Without the help of a professional plumbing installation and repair services, water heater may not be safely connected to the wiring and this can prove to be very dangerous.

Keep the Heater Elevated:

It is good make very sure that electric water that you choose to install is positioned high enough on the wall of your bathroom. Heater should be at a proper level from the head so that it does not clash to the head of even the tallest member of your home.

If the heater is at a lower level it can result in a short circuit. So, if you are going in for the installation of water heater, make very sure to get it installed at a lower level. In no case it should be hit by water when you take shower or it may result in short circuit. If you have a smaller bathroom then you should consider renovating it.

Read the Manual Carefully:

If you are in the habit of skipping instructions then take special care. Whatever brand you may have chosen to install, you will find a manual along with that which reads how to operate the heater.

It is good to read the manual thoroughly prior to changing its settings. If you do not have a manual you should contact the manufacturer whose number gets posted on the heater.

Your Water Heater Should be Properly Ventilated:

Any improperly placed vents or defunct vents can result in fumes to go inside rather than outside. It is true that ventilation is technical and so it is good to make sure that water heater vents are absolutely free of dips and they go up and out. Vents should also be properly screwed especially if you have a home in a earthquake-prone zones.

Get Your Pressure/Temperature Relief Valve Checked Routinely:

These relief valves are designed to keep your water heater from exploding if the temperature or pressure goes higher than a safer limit. It is good to remember that residential valves can get failed so it is important to get the valve checked once in a year. Water should flow freely. If there are minimal drips then valve requires replacement. Valve with faults can result in catastrophic combustion or even to explosion.

Switch off the heater when you are not using it:

For the standard electrical water heaters, there are pre-set temperature setting for warming and heating water. It is good to switch off the water heater when you are not using. This will avoid the overheating and any sort of electrical damage.

Get the heater serviced regularly:

Different types of water heater designs need different types of maintenance. So, it cannot be said. But, electric water heater needs a regular maintenance for functioning optimally.

Make it Kids-free Zone:

Hot water heaters have buttons and knobs that your kiddos may be curious to know. But, to ensure a complete safety, it is good to make it a no-play zone area. Choose just the right size of water heater to make sure that your needs get catered.

Remove Any Type of Fire Hazards Near the Water Heater:

If you have tanked water heaters that are powered by gas then it is good to remove everything near the tank which is combustible. Never store anything like ropes, garbage, canister or gas anywhere near to your water heater. Any crack in the heater or fumes leak can cause chemical reactions with these combustible substances and results in explosion.

Installing an electric water heater needs both plumbing as well as electrical work so it is not simple task. A great set of skills is required for this job. When you need to install it by your own you should plan your installation in a piece of paper first. However, it is better and wiser to get a help of a certified and experienced plumbing repair service.