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How to last longer in bed

ByDave Stopher

Feb 12, 2020 #health

Having a hard time lasting longer in bed is a problem among most individuals of all ages together with the issue of premature ejaculation. If you are under 40 years you may at times feel unsatisfied after he is done in bed. It comes down to him finishing having fun before you even start unwrapping your packaging. There is the solution of finding other options to execute the task but why go all through that hassle when you can assist him last longer.

  1. Don’t rush yourself

If you want your man to last longer you have to let him start slow. A man should start by one thrust then increase gradually as time pass, if at a certain point he feels like he wants to cum then he should control himself until the urge disappear then continue with thrusting and by this, there will be an additional three minutes to your record time. You can find some great tips from Mindbodygreen.com.

  1. Do it frequently

Having frequent foreplay before engaging in sex will add the wow factor in your sex life therefore you can have plenty of orgasms during foreplay this will help you last longer when having sex. Getting your man to ejaculate before the main meal will push his finishing line further.

  1. Change up the position

Every man has that favorite position that puts a smile on him, ensure that you try different styles like the woman-on the top or missionary that will make him last a bit longer, avoid the doggy style for a while since it might cut off your pleasure time.

  1. Foreplay Ordering
  • Kissing or touching your partner
  • Cunnilingus
  • Fellatio
  • Sex

At this point you have already talked to your partner about lasting longer, so have a safe word ‘stop’  to use when she gives you head, and suddenly feel the urge of release, you can use the cooling-off time to get down on her, and give her the best time of her life. If you move from kissing to sex then obviously you will not last long . Ask your partner to use two fingers to push your PC muscle while doing the Fellatio, it helps in increasing more time for you to cum, which can be difficult to execute during sex.

  1. Use Viagra

According to Https://viagraonline.co.uk/ Viagra can make you aroused for almost six hours. This product is used by males with erectile dysfunction mostly. Viagra can be utilized 4 hours prior to the time you want to have sex. After using Viagra the sex duration varies from person to person because we all have different bodies, but it will wash off after less than three hours of taking it.

Before you take any of it to ensure that you get more information from https://viagraonline.co.uk/ and they can prescribe the best one to ingest.

We all want to keep our women happy therefore creating memorable sex moments with them will spice up your intimate relationship. Who doesn’t want his woman to crave for him; to ensure this then follow the above guidelines and your sex life will never be the same again.

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