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How to Make Your Hair and Nails Shine

For anyone who likes looking good from head to toe, having shiny and neat hair and nails is as crucial as wearing the best footwear, dress, or makeup. While most people may use nail polish to add some color to their nails and make them shine, it isn’t recommendable to do so regularly due to its dangerous side effects from prolonged exposure. 

So, other than using polish or dye to make your hair and nails shine, what safe methods are there that offer similar results? In this article, we explore how collagens can make your hair and nails beautiful and shiny. 

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein that occurs naturally in people and animals, comprising a third of the body’s total protein. It’s the richest protein in the body. From tendons to gums, most soft and hard body tissues are at their core made up of collagen protein. Nevertheless, collagen is best known for its beauty benefits. 

Collagen has become more popular over the years because of its anti-aging properties, prevention of bone loss, pain relief, and providing the human skin with structure. 

Collagen is hydrolyzed which means it can be broken down, making it easier for absorption. 

In this piece, we focus on the use of a collagen complex and marine collagen in improving the shine of your hair and nails.  

How to Make Your Hair and Nails Shine Using Collagen 

Collagen provides amino acids that help in building hair and nails

Amino acids found in proteins are the building blocks of keratin, elastin, and collagen, structural substances that result in healthy nails, hair, and skin. 

Hair is typically made up of keratin, which assists in regulating its moisture, volume, strength, as well as preventing gray hairs. On the other hand, nails are made mainly from keratin, which prevents brittleness and regulates strengths. 

The production of collagen reduces with age, impacting the integrity of skin, nails, and hair. Nails become brittle and weak; hair begins to gray and thin, and the skin becomes wrinkled, dry, and thin. 

The human body uses numerous amino acids to help in building keratin – some of which are found in marine collagen. When you take Hey Nutrition’s collagen complex together with other proteins, the body breaks them down into amino acids, using it in building new compounds and proteins. 

Proline is keratin’s major component. So, taking a proline-rich collagen complex should offer your body the much-needed building blocks to grow healthy shiny hair. Consuming a collagen complex prevents brittleness while also increasing the strength of nails. 

Use Collagen to Fight Damage to Hair Follicles

A marine collagen supplement can act as an antioxidant and fight damage that results from free radicals. Free radicals develop in bodies due to alcohol, poor dietary options, smoking, air pollutants, stress, and other environmental influences. A lot of free radicals can harm your DNA, proteins, as well as cells.

Studies show that free radicals can also damage hair follicles. Because your body’s defense against free radicals declines with age, older adults are particularly susceptible to hair damage.

To fight free radicals, as well as promote healthy hair, your body requires antioxidants. Since marine collagen has high antioxidant properties, it goes a long way in preventing your hair from thinning.

Eat Foods that Your Nails and Hair Loves 

Healthy hair and nails don’t just reflect the way you treat yourself on the outside, but also how you nourish the internal parts of your body. Avoid sugar-laden and processed foods. As an alternative, let your diet consist of fruits and vegetables, substitute animal protein for plant proteins like beans, include healthy fats such as cashew nuts, and avoid sugary foods as well as carbonated drinks as much as you can. 

You should also consider diet supplements that contain nutrients not found in your diet. It’s one of the easiest ways to make your hair and nails shine. Beauty supplements consist of not only collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid, which assists in improving the moisture levels of the skin but also Vitamin C, biotin, and probiotics. Its ultimate goal? Helping nails, hair, and skin look their best.

Add Collagen to Your Diet 

Collagen is the richest protein in the body, and it provides our tendons, ligaments, bones, nails, skin, and hair with structure. Thanks to collagen, we can bend to pick stuff up, stretch into some tricky yoga positions, and move around in our day-to-day activities. And as an added bonus, collagen makes your hair shine, your nails stronger, and your skin glow. 

Collagen is made up of amino acids arginine, hydroxyproline, and proline, all necessary ingredients for healthy hair, skin, and nails. Collagen production is greatly affected by old age and stress. Thus, you should add an ingestible collagen complex to a balanced diet to help your body regenerate what has been broken down or lost.

Marine collagen and a collagen complex from Hey Nutrition are crucial for a beautiful appearance. A good appearance implies good health, and collagen puts a shine on the body parts that you love as well as improving functioning in the muscles, tendons, and bones. Having shiny hair and nails means you have a good supply of collagen in your body. 

Your body can also use the amino acids in the collagen complex supplement to build hair proteins and strengthen your hair. It also prevents damage to hair follicles and graying. If you want to try collagen to make your hair and nails shine, consider taking a supplement with marine collagen.