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How to Prepare Your Child for a School Trip


Apr 18, 2023

School trips are an incredibly exciting time for children, but also nerve-racking for parents. As a parent, it’s essential to prepare your child adequately for their upcoming school trips, to ensure they are safe and can make the most out of their experience. Here we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to preparing your child for their next big adventure.

1. Discuss the Trip with Your Child

It is essential to talk over the trip with your child before they go, so they know what to expect, and any concerns they may have can be addressed. Ask your child what they think it will be like, what they’re looking forward to and if they have any concerns. Let your child know that it’s okay to be nervous, and discuss any potential fears or anxieties they may have. By doing so, your child won’t feel alone in their worries.

Encourage your child to ask questions about the trip, such as what they’ll be doing, the timetable, the location, the mode of transport, and how long the journey will take. Share as much information as you can with them, so they have a clear idea of what to expect.

2. Ensure That They’re Prepared For the Trip

Ensure that your child is adequately equipped for the trip by buying them the necessary items they’ll need. Check the list provided by the school to make sure that you have everything required. Some schools will insist on specific clothing and equipment for the trip, so it’s important to double-check this. Make sure that all clothes fit properly, and any equipment is tested and working correctly.

If your child is responsible for packing their bag, make sure that they have a checklist so that they can pack all they need. Do a quick spot check before they go to confirm everything is there. Encourage your child to try packing their bag themselves, so they are comfortable with the process.

3. Talk to Your Child About Safety Rules

Discuss safety rules that your child needs to follow on the trip. Make sure they know how to behave on the bus or any other form of transport they’ll be taking. Encourage your child to respect their chaperones and follow any safety guidelines that they are given. Remind your child never to wander away from the group or leave the group unnoticed. They should also avoid touching anything dangerous or unknown.

If the school has any safety guidelines specific to the trip, like swimming safety guidelines, make sure that your child is familiar with them. Discuss any concerns that you may have about safety on this trip with the school and ensure that you are satisfied with their safety protocols.

4. Talk About Healthy Habits

Ensure that your child understands the importance of healthy habits on the trip. Discuss what they will be eating on the trip and encourage them to eat healthy meals so that they have enough energy for the day’s activities. Talk about the importance of staying hydrated and reiterate that they should drink enough water throughout the trip.

Encourage your child to pack healthy snacks that they can eat on the trip, like fruit or nuts, to keep their energy levels up between meals. Ensure that they understand the importance of regular washing of hands, and that they should take hand sanitizer with them, especially if they’ll be using shared facilities.

5. Talk to Your Child About Managing Their Time

Help your child plan for the trip by talking to them about time management. Ensure that they understand the importance of getting up early and packing their bag before they leave for school. Discuss the importance of following the trip schedule, so that they don’t get left behind or miss any scheduled activities.

If your child is going to a new environment, encourage them to learn about the place, its history, and its culture. Remind them of the importance of respecting the culture and how they can be respectful while having fun.


Preparing your child for a school trip can be a challenging process, but it is essential to ensure that they have a safe and enjoyable experience. By following these steps, you can guarantee that your child is ready for their next adventure, and you can sit back knowing you have prepared them well. Remember to stay positive about the experience, and encourage your child to make the most of their trip. Allowing children to participate in school trips not only provides them with a valuable learning experience but also helps them develop independence and responsibility.


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