You’ve concluded that your business needs CRM software. From a business and growth perspective, this is a great decision. Building and managing your customer relationships, automating your sales processes, creating targeted marketing campaigns and centralising all your customer data is a move towards business success and exponential growth you simply can’t ignore. With CRM you can say goodbye to complicated filing systems, hundreds of spreadsheets and confusing databases and move towards a more streamlined and controlled marketing approach. Improved interdepartmental communication between your sales and marketing teams, as well as finding new leads and easier maintenance of the client base you already have is just the beginning.

Understanding the benefits of a CRM system is important but knowing how to procure a new CRM provider and finding the right system for your business is your next step. Here we’ll explore the steps you should take to find a provider of customer management software and what you need to look for to make the most of this essential business tool…

Understand what features you need and who will utilise them

No two businesses are the same and as your business begins to grow, it will develop a stronger sense of individuality as you push your company to stand apart from your competitors. Consider which areas of your business are less efficient, and where your processes are bottlenecking and causing issues across the company. Are you struggling to cope with all your customer data? Are you worried about GDPR? Do you need your CRM system to integrate with other established systems? And how many users will need the software?

Ultimately, a CRM system that is adaptable and customisable to your company’s needs is always best. As your company continues to grow, you can then return to your vendor for more features and introduce more elements.

Find out what training is available

A CRM system that meets all your requirements is essential, but if your staff are struggling to understand it or use it to its full potential, then it won’t have the impact you need. A CRM system that comes with training packages and customisation capabilities will make your chosen software manageable and user-friendly. It also ensures every employee is on the same page and working with the software to achieve company goals. Your vendor of choice should be able to offer this as standard.

Consider reviews and research

Procuring CRM software is easier when you have reliable reviews and testimonials to work with. Heading to your chosen vendors website will certainly throw up some positive reviews, but to get a genuine feel for your chosen system, you should reach a little further. Networking through your business contacts, or searching through sites such as LinkedIn can help you find authentic reviews of your chosen CRM vendor and help you make an informed decision.

Final thoughts…

CRM software is essential for the growth and success of your business – finding the right vendor and system to match your business requirements should be your next step. Just make sure you always do thorough research to find the software that is best suited to you and your customers.