Reading long emails from family and friends or huge textbooks with thousands of pages can be daunting. Hence, it can make you wish you could read faster. Also, in this world, information tends to be the centerpiece of a significant part of every human being’s life. People want to learn many things. And as knowledge workers, they have to read many rapports, documents and emails on a day-to-day basis. According to resume experts of resumethatworks, multitasking is one of the techniques which hinders their productivity. And as one of them, you have too much to read with little time. Thus, you may wonder how you will go about it.

There are various strategies you can embrace to do so. Speed reading, a technique to use to learn how to read faster, has been gaining a lot of attention in the past few years. People have been looking for ways to complete things in an efficient manner. And learning how to speed read not only enables you to process more information in a significant manner but also complete things fast. But, many speed reading techniques require you to acclimatize your natural reading style. Some of the speed reading methods people often embrace include skipping words, visualizing while reading, and reading between the lines. This is not an efficient technique to use to learn how to read quickly. Speed reading is the knack to skim through massive reams of material at a much faster pace than normal while capturing all the information. So, if you want to learn how to read faster, below are some speed reading techniques you should consider.

Identify your current baseline

The first tip to learn to read faster is recognizing your growth. And to do so, you ought to determine your current baseline. A baseline helps you to measure how fast you are reading in a rapid and consistent manner. You have to take regular tests to track your progress. This will help you recognize your growth as well as provide you with all the inspirational fuel you will need to keep going.

The issue with comprehending your baseline is that it is difficult to decipher it into practical terms when a program states that you are reading a particular amount of words/minute. It is an ideal place to start. However, you need to know how many minutes you can take to read a page.

Learn how to read without sub-articulating

Sub-articulating or subvocalizing is one of the most difficult and most crucial habits to tear down. Often, when you find it hard to pronounce a particular word(s), you tend to subvocalize (speak them in your mind in an unconscious manner). Speaking a word(s) out loud takes some time to pronounce. However, you do not need to pronounce them when reading as you can absorb them.

Reading faster does not require subvocalizing. Thus, you need to refrain from it at all costs. And to do so, you have to start looking at and thinking about words without embracing the need to pronounce them.

Utilize a pointer, indicator, or your index finger

People often consider using a finger while reading as a reservation for children. However, this trick comes in handy if you want to learn how to become a faster reader. “Using a finger to read acts as a guide as it helps you to move at a consistent pace,” said Cody Rhodes, top academic writer at Thus, you should not stop or slow down your finger while reading. Let it slither from one side of the script to the other at a constant speed. When you practice reading this way, you will be able to notice when you lose momentum or get stuck with ease.

Practice writing more

Another essential tip to embrace to improve reading speed is trying to write more. Writing as many articles as you can helps you to note down some of the words you do not know their spelling or pronunciation. This will help you familiarize yourself with complex vocabulary. Hence, it will be easy for you to read them in a huge text, thereby increasing your reading speed.

Concentrate on control

When reading a text, you may realize that some sections of the book are a breeze to read through, whereas others incorporate useful information. For instance, when reading a historical book, your focus will be to find the information you need. However, when reading a fiction book, you will not control the reading as you enjoy the story. In this context, speed reading has varying implications for different books. Thus, you need to note that speed reading is not about speed but about reading. The speed aspect is more or less the ability to control a part of how you read.

Train your eyes to curtail movement

One of the prevalent epiphanies in learning how to read quickly is recognizing your eyes’ movement while you read. Your eyes often move back and forth when you read. And, this can affect your speed reading. So, you need to use some speed reading exercises such as training your eyes to curtail movement without a book. These exercises can help you to isolate all the core components your eyes use to speed read. The head creates a motion which does not affect the eyes. Hence, this helps you to train your eyes to minimize movement.

Try using powerful software

The ideal tools to use to practice speed reading are simple, typical applications which streamline the process of learning the skill. There are various options to choose from, and the majority offer distinctive features which facilitate speed reading as well as saving time. Some of the powerful software you can use include;

  • This is an iOS 8 app which grants you the ability to import documents, articles, and other links and texts into a speed-reading practice app.
  • Spritz App. Unlike other apps, Spritz does not teach you how to speed read but rather how to utilize its software to reconfigure what you want to read in a new way.
  • This is a tool you can use to copy paste anything you want in a small word processor. Some online essay writers use this software when managing your writing tasks.

Skip small, less significant words

Some words may hinder you from figuring out what a particular sentence is communicating. Thus, when reading an article or a text, you need to skip this small and less significant words. They will only make your reading pace to slow down. So, train yourself to skip them by recognizing that you do not need to focus too much on them.

Train on scanning and skimming text

Scanning and skimming are some of the efficient speed reading basics. However, these skills take some time before you learn them. And when reading a text, you may find it hard to embrace this tip. Contrariwise, you will be able to improve your reading if you relax and relish the ride.

Continue to exercise and time yourself

Speed reading may seem to be a challenging skill to master. However, it is not. It only requires your comprehension and constant practice. So, your primary objective ought to be timing yourself on a regular basis and continue to practice the tips to read faster above.

In conclusion, reading a huge text or a long email can be daunting. But, with speed reading, it will be simple. Not only will you be able to make the reading process less daunting but also save time. Thus, if you are looking for the fastest way to read a book or an article, consider the tips above.