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How To Sell More Merch At Your Shows!

ByDave Stopher

Aug 28, 2021 #Vlonebrand

You can have the good band merch within the world, but what is the use of getting it if you cannot sell it? Follow the following pointers and your merch are going to be flying off the table in no time!

1. Put a light-weight On It!
Venues/Clubs/Bars are dark areas. Having a light-weight on your table helps to draw in attention and makes people want to see out what you’re offering.

2. Make a stimulating Merch Display!
Get creative with how you present your merch Vlonebrand one among the good setups we’ve ever seen was for the acoustic band, The Apathy Eulogy. They set their merch up in vintage suitcases. It gave their merch an indie, almost bohemian feel, which tied in nicely with their music.
Here are another tips that would make your merch display more interesting:
-Use digital picture frames to display pricing.
-Use props like trunks, plants, mannequins, etc.
-Set up wire racks behind your table to hold t-shirts on.
-Arrange your CD’s into pyramids.

3. Bundle Your Merch Together!
Instead of selling your CDs, stickers, t-shirts, etc. individually, try bundling them together for alittle discount. for instance , if you sell your CD for $10 and t-shirt for $15, offer both for $20. this may cause your fans to get quite they could normally.

4. Advertise Your Merch From the Stage!
While you’re still on stage and have everyone’s attention, do not forget to say your merch. Also, tell folks that you’re getting to be at your merch table right after you get off stage in order that they know where to seek out you.

5. Meet Your Fans at The Table!
When you get off the stage, fans always want to speak to you. rather than meeting your fans at the front of the stage, return to your merch table. ask your fans there. This increases the prospect of creating a purchase .
Usually, there’s a rush to urge your equipment off the stage before subsequent band starts. Before you continue stage, designate a couple of band members to be liable for the equipment. this may allow a minimum of one person within the band to go on to the merch table.

6. Accept Credit/Debit Cards!
Let’s face it: We are almost a cashless society. Don’t lose out on sales simply because you simply accept cash. There are tons of apps out there immediately that allow you to process credit/debit card transactions throughout your phone.
If you are doing not have a sensible phone, an alternative choice is to only use a laptop where wifi is out there and run transactions through a PayPal account.

7. Give Something Away For Free!
Always have something liberal to divulge to your fans. you are doing not want your free item to cost quite a couple of cents each so we might recommend handing out small stickers, pens, key chains, etc. together with your band name thereon .

Another great option is to print up music download cards with a sample of your music and hand them out for free of charge . Download cards allow fans to download your songs and put them on their iPod, Zune, etc. you’ll get these cards from companies like ours, Distrophonix for around $99 for 1000.
Here are two suggestions

-For anyone who visits your merch table, give out something for free of charge . Better yet, use the free item as an incentive for them to check in for your list .
-At the top of the show distribute free download cards, stickers, etc. to people as they leave. The goal of this is often to form sure that everybody leaving the show has something to recollect you by. this may assist you grow your fan base and sell more merch within the future.