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How to Use CBD to Help Calm Nerves and Anxiety

ByDave Stopher

Sep 28, 2020 #North East

If you suffer from anxiety, you may have heard that CBD can help. CBD is the non-psychoactive component found in the hemp plant. While it doesn’t produce a high like THC, it does react to endocannabinoid receptors in the brain—many of which regulate the body’s natural reaction to stress and anxiety.

CBD can help relax tense muscles, calm anxiety, and help you sleep. From your morning cup of coffee to your nighttime routine, here are all the ways you can use CBD throughout the day to calm your nerves and feel good, especially when buying from somewhere like GoldBee.com.

Put CBD Oil in Your Coffee

Most people can’t live without their coffee or tea first thing in the morning. Many of those same people also suffer from anxiety, and the caffeine jitters that come along with these beverages can often make this worse.

To get the stimulating benefits of caffeine without the unwanted anxiety, try slipping a few drops of CBD oil into your morning beverage.

While too much CBD is known to cause grogginess, a small dose mixed with a caffeinated beverage will actually make for a nice pick-me-up. The calming effect of the CBD will combat the nervousness that comes with coffee, without overly numbing its wakeful properties.

This is a great way to ensure you start your morning off right.

Keep Gummies On Hand

CBD can be purchased in gummy form, as well. Gummies are great because they’re easily transportable. Keep some in your nightstand to take before bed, in your desk at work, or even in your bag for relief on-the-go.

Gummies may take a little longer to have an effect due to the digestive process. However, another bonus of taking CBD in gummy form is the ease of dosing. Getting a precise measurement with other methods can be a little trickier, but gummies are specifically formulated to have an exact dosage in each chewable.

For anxiety, start with a small dosage and work your way up. Try taking one gummy, then increase to multiple the next day if you’re looking for greater effects.

Give Vaping a Try

Vaping is another common method of getting your CBD intake. Many people prefer vaping over other forms of CBD for a few different reasons:

  • Speed – Vaping CBD is the fastest way to feel its effects. With oil and gummies, it takes time to digest the chemical, but vaping sends the CBD straight to your brain, where it gets to work on the anxiety receptors. Using CBD vape juice for anxiety is particularly helpful for sudden panic attacks and fast-acting relief.
  • Oral Fixation – Many former cigarette smokers switch to vaping CBD to calm their nerves. Smoking is a stress reliever for a lot of people, but the stimulant properties found in nicotine can actually cause even more anxiety—in addition to many other health issues. Getting your oral fixation through vaping CBD is healthier and more effective for anxiety.
  • Flavors – CBD vapes come in a lot of different flavors. From bottles of refillable juice to affordable, disposable pens, vaping CBD is incredibly versatile and tasty. Fruit flavors can be purchased to make the vaping more enjoyable, but non-flavored options are also available.

Get CBD Through Your Skin

Another surprising method of getting CBD in the body is through the skin. CBD oil can be rubbed on skin via a rollerball or cream. This is particularly helpful for tense muscles caused by anxiety. Add some light massage to your application, and you’ll double its calming effect.

CBD can also be found in a lot of skincare products. From face masks to serums, to hydrating moisturizers, the anti-inflammatory properties work wonders for the skin, in addition to calming anxiety.

Taking some time to practice a little self-care through skincare is also a great way to relax and take your mind away from stress.

CBD is Flexible

If you suffer from social anxiety, racing thoughts, or panic attacks, and you’ve struggled to find relief, give CBD a try. Many people find it helps calm their nerves, and it’s an all-natural, non-habit forming alternative to other anxiety medications.

If you’re looking to try CBD for anxiety relief, you have a ton of options. Whether you want to ingest, vape, or apply it topically, there’s a CBD product out there that’s right for you. Good luck!

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