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How to Use SMS Marketing Campaigns to Boost Your Business’s Holiday Sales in 2019

ByDave Stopher

Oct 1, 2019 #Business

The digital marketing world has evolved dramatically during the last decade or so. We know that SMS marketing has been around for over 26 years but the last decade has proved to be quite eventful and today there are numerous ways of reaching your potential customers yet SMS marketing has got a strong foothold.

Mobile marketing has gained traction over the years and has become one of the best and most effective forms of marketing and advertising today. SMS marketing today has capitalized upon the smartphone addiction of global populations and today we are witnessing brands both big and small are already using text messaging for engaging their target audience in a host of novel and innovative ways.

The Early Bird Wins the Race

Are you looking for an effective way of reaching holiday shoppers? You may send text messages or rely on an effective SMS marketing plan to attract more shoppers throughout the upcoming holiday season right from Black Friday to Cyber Monday and then again from Christmas to post-holiday retail sales.

In the case, you are looking for a better way to reach shoppers during the holiday season in 2019 to boost your sales during that period; you must start planning your SMS strategy early. You could reach out effectively to your precise target audience provided your text marketing messages are precise, clear, and well-defined. The best way of connecting effectively with holiday shoppers is to start your SMS marketing campaigns early.

If you are designing a holistically-created marketing stratagem utilizing the real power of SMS, the faster you initiate to engage and motivate your audiences, you would end up achieving better traction. The best way to start planning for the holiday season is to start right away. Start composing compelling and relevant marketing messages and go on targeting precisely defined set of target audiences.

SMS Marketing Is the Right Choice

If you are interested to use a cost-effective way of reaching your clients during the holidays, you must rely on SMS marketing campaigns. As per the research findings, coupons that are sent through SMS would be offering high redemption rates. In reality, some of the clients have already witnessed 7 percent to 12 percent coupon redemption rates thanks to SMS services

Given the fact that 98 percent of the SMSs are opened within just a few minutes, we have noticed that the average rate of redemption of any coupon delivered via an SMS is 10x more as compared to that of an email. Moreover, if you take into account that 42% of holiday shoppers admit that discounts and sales are the greatest attraction of online holiday shopping for them, it becomes mandatory on your part to enjoy the sales gains coming from text messages over emails. Use the expertise of reputed services such as SimpleTexting for effectively boosting your sales and building brand loyalty.

Some Fundamental SMS Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season

Concentrate on Your Existing Customers

As per https://www.huffpost.com, The best group to start your SMS marketing campaign to ensure that you get record sales during the holiday season this year would be your own customers. Start your SMS marketing campaign involving your current clients, however, remember that your clients must opt-in for receiving your text messages on behalf of your brand or company. You could consider encouraging and motivating them to sign up simply by promoting your special offer in ads on social networking sites or other important marketing platforms. Ultimately, if you are constantly in touch with all your clients via SMS, it could motivate them to consider shopping at your business certainly more often.

Do Generate Convincing Content

Do create a convincing SMS marketing campaign that people would like to be a part of. You need to know what exactly your clients are like and find out precisely what sort of information would be resonating with them. Do they prefer sneak peeks or coupons? Understand precisely what your current customers are looking for and accordingly tweak your SMS marketing strategy to boost your holiday sales.

Abide by the Law

It is important not to flout the existing laws relating to SMS marketing today. Text message marketing is highly-regulated sector and it is chiefly permission-based. This implies that companies do not have the liberty of blasting text messages to even their current customers without their prior consent. Explicit permission is essential to connect with your target audience via SMS. You simply need to abide by a few strict rules. Compliance to existing SMS rules and regulations is the cornerstone to your SMS marketing success. Mobile phones certainly are personal devices. You must never invade their privacy so it is important to send messages only when your audience would not mind being disturbed. Never send text messages early in the morning or late at night.

Come up with Exciting Offers

Offer deals and coupons that tempt and attract customers who subscribe to your SMS services. This gives them something in return for the time they give you by reading your texts, and also a feeling of community or kinship in the special subscribers club that you invite them to join.

Coupons often are your first option to woo your prospective customers for the holiday season. You could even use text to tempt your clients with daily specials and allow them access to exclusive sales and events. You could consider running holiday sweepstakes or even give away freebies using SMS marketing campaign.

Versatility of Content

Most companies settle on one kind of content once they have found their niche. The modern customer, however, expects marketers to be firing on all cylinders and serving them tailored content across multiple marketing channels like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and even SMS. SMS is one of the most direct channels for marketing, and also lets you send links directing customers to land on your website or download an app.

Customization and Personalization

The online world is now run by data. Every single customer has a variety of data points that they can be classified according to, such as age, demographics, birthdays, interests and so on. By collecting this data and building models to classify your customer base, you can send personalized messages, wish them on their birthdays, alert them about deals near them, and even serve them content that you know they will enjoy. This improves their experience with the company and enhances the impression of the brand.

Encourage Your Clients to Share

You must consider taking advantage of the present culture of sharing. An effective way of amplifying your holiday message seems to be asking your present customers to share your promotional message for additional savings. Obviously, this is a wonderful way of increasing your subscribers and boosting your sales.

Conclusion: Do Not Forget to Analyze All Your Results

Once you start following all the above-mentioned tips, you must focus all your attention on analyzing your results. This sort of analysis would help you discover the perfect SMS sending frequency and the right content for all your SMSs. Remember if you start shooting text messages too often to your clients, it is quite likely that they would be tempted to unsubscribe. It is best to stick to sending SMS to your client once or maximum twice a week. Simply modifying the wording or timing of the messages has the potential for boosting your sales.

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