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How traditional games like bingo evolved in the internet era

ByDave Stopher

Jan 11, 2019 #Gaming

The rules of the games are so many and often very different from each other, yet if you notice the fundamental ones, necessary to start playing are very few and simple. This is exactly what has made the fortune for some of the most popular games ever. Without restricting the field to a specific territory, if you notice the rules often resemble a bit between one game and another. Precisely for this reason it is not easy to invent a new game. Precisely for this reason some games have very ancient origins or at least not so recent.

Bingo: a new classic

We take the bingo as a model of game being played alla round the world. Nowadays we can play bingo for real money on websites like 888ladies.com for example and find this traditional games in a new fashion. Today playing bingo has become digital. The Bingo players can downloaded and play through a gaming app for smartphones and tablets, but the basic principle on which the game runs is the same since it was created and finally perfected.

The game is based on the random extraction of 90 numbers, which is followed by the filling of the cards: each player can check if with the drawn numbers he can complete an entire row by making the or the entire card by Bingo. In almost all the langue there are nicknames for the numbers of bingo, we can say that there is a bingo lingo for explample Legs eleven as 11 resambles the pair of legs,  and the players often wolf whistle in response. It is part of the bingo culture which can still be found in the modern bingo apps.

There are many games and variants that exist in the world, yet as far as the casino is concerned, basically the most successful games are very few. Poker and blackjack, as far as card games are concerned, while slot machines, roulette, craps, video poker, and as we have already said bingo, which has become one of the most popular games for its simple nature and for the fact that it is necessary to reflect less and focus mainly on your instincts. Surely not everyone knows that the term gamble comes from the Arabic word az-zahr, which means nut.

It is no coincidence that the game of dice is one of the oldest and most widespread, especially in the Middle East and Europe. A separate case, however, with regard to the East, where a rather large number of games are played between China and Japan, which have come down to us only in the last 4 centuries. Today, however, the casino has become a popular style of play all over the world. Poker, slots, and blackjack are popular games all over the world, from China to the United States. It is no coincidence that China and the United States are the places where casinos are most popular.

Currently, the autonomous province of Macao is considered the place of greatest attraction in terms of casinos and legal gambling. Every year thousands of people travel to get to know these places so luxurious and sought after. Despite this, however, online casino gaming is increasingly practiced in Italy as well as in the rest of Europe. The luck of online gambling is mainly linked to the ease with which it can be accessed through smartphones and tablets. Online games are more and more popular, and there are so many solutions and variations, yet the luckiest and most popular ones are always the same as the live game. This is probably due to a matter of habit that the real player loves. In some way, despite the risk, the fundamental thing is to move in the most known and usual territories.

Women’s passion for online games is growing

Contrary to popular belief, online casino game enthusiasts aren’t just men. In recent years, women have significantly approached the world of online gambling, specially Bingo, and today half of the players are female but the phenomenon has a growing trend. The technological evolution and the spread of mobile devices is one of the reasons for the increase in the number of women who like to play online casinos.

Some research has found substantial differences between the gaming habits of men and women. The latter spend much more time than men playing, not because they are less capable or less enterprising but because they dedicate themselves to online gaming with greater foresight. Women pay a lot of attention from the initial phase of selecting a site that offers the best online casinos, from which to choose the operator where to play in peace and safety. Even though the average monthly game hours are higher than for men, the average money wagered is lower. Women are less influenced from this point of view, they tend to resist risk better and the feminine approach to gambling is based, albeit not only, on their curiosity and desire to experiment

It has also been observed that online casinos reach a female audience over the age of 25. Even the youngest play but often on an occasional basis. It is not just about women looking for an outlet, foreigners and housewives. There are many established and career women, who are passionate about virtual casinos, who dedicate part of their free moments to online gaming. This is also due to the fact that these women have greater experience and familiarity with web browsing and the use of technological devices.

Women who are passionate about gambling seem to be less prone to developing a disease. Cases, however, are by no means rare but they are more easily able to recognize the problem of addiction and, although with more difficulty than men, they are better willing to seek help.

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