A 20-year-old family business is seeing its busiest period in the company’s history since the growth of the COVID19 outbreak.

Trovex, which started in 1998, focuses on hygienic solutions for high traffic areas such as hospitals, schools and shopping centres.

The demand for hygiene-related products has never been higher as over 60,000 known cases of coronavirus have been reported in the UK, although some sources suggest that this figure may 10 times higher.

Trovex, with two locations in the UK, has a team of on-site manufacturers who produce all the hygienic products and can offer installation for their clients. Previous clients include the Royal Free in London, Royal Brompton and TV’s Supervet, Fitzpatrick Referrals.

The coronavirus outbreak has seen particular demand for Hygipods, which is the UK’s first and only prefabricated modular unit of its kind and the only pod that has no vertical or horizontal joints.

A Hygipod comes complete with access panels, basin kit, and encapsulated PVC door and is easy to install – and this modular area is perfect for setting up a hygienic area on site for supermarkets, construction sites and hospitals too.

How is a hospital made hygienic?

The design of a hospital’s interior is very carefully constructed to reduce the risk of infection spreading. Trovex, in particular, focus on hygienic panels and walls, which are hard, durable surfaces made under higher pressure, temperature and are vacuum bonded.

The resulting surface means that it is impermeable to moisture and bacteria, is easily wipe-able and can be easily installed.

With all surfaces built with hygiene in mind, wash stations and hand gels at every corner, our hospitals are in a good position to maximise cleanliness and hygiene.

The company has also seen growth in renovating schools, which have significant hygiene demands in their toilets and changing rooms. Whilst these places are usually closed for 9 months of the year, there is a now a 6-month window or longer to carry out their installations.