Leading investment firm iCapital Financial has been voted as the investment firm with the highest overall client satisfaction, according to FXBrokerFeed. This followed a closely contested vote where all the major investment firms were represented. According to analysts, iCapital Financial clinched the award for excelling in the following fields:

  • Excellent Customer Care

iCapital Financial was lauded for providing excellent care to its customers. The company has a dedicated customer care desk that serves clients 24/7. The firm’s clients can access personalized help about any query by calling a dedicated customer care agent or writing to the firm. Some of the available communication channels include telephone, email, and instant messaging. The coming is also active on popular social media sites, including Twitter and Facebook.

In addition to a dedicated customer care desk, iCapital Financial also has dedicated account managers who are always at their clients’ disposal. Account managers help clients with everything, including making crucial investment decisions and placing trades.

  • Comprehensive Product Range

iCapital Financial’s customers have access to over 1,000 CFDs and other financial instruments. The investment firm trades all common CFDs, including stocks, commodities, Forex, treasuries, indices, and ETFs. The firm is also trading in cryptocurrencies and other emerging products. All the major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Etherum, are available for trading on the platform.

  • Best Financial Technology

iCapital Financial boasts of some of the best financial technologies in the market. The firm has credited its use of advanced technology with its sterling performance. Its arsenal of technology tools includes advanced financial analysis programs and algorithms, powerful computers, and a host of online platforms, including a personal iCapital Financial app. The company also utilizes the latest cyber security practices to guarantee its clients their money’s and data’s safety.

The company’s online platforms are neat and easy to navigate. It offers clients a range of tools that help them be better traders. To this end, even novice traders find it easier to navigate the dynamic markets using iCapital Financial’s tools.

  • Best Financial Analysts

One of iCapital Financial’s best assets, according to the vote’s participants, is its team of financial analysts. The firm’s analysts are some of the best in the country. They include several nationally renowned analysts who often appear on leading news houses, including on CNN, The Telegraph, and Bloomberg. These analysts are popular for their reliability, as they are always ahead of the markets and on top of every significant development on the national and international stages.

iCapital Financial’s analysts work closely with the firm’s clients. They function quite like dedicated account managers as they personally guide clients through their crucial financial decisions. They are never wrong, so clients who need help with their trades are always guaranteed a reliable guide.

Try It Out

iCapital Financial is a leader in the industry and the best firm for ordinary traders, according to the recent award. It is a perfect fit for amateurs looking for a soft landing in such a dynamic and risky industry. Try it out today and learn why other clients rank iCapital Financial among the best.

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Headquarters: Tour La Porte ii, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg