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Apr 26, 2023

The new and improved server will reflect community feedback, including tweaks to boosting!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands — January 26, 2023 | Following the positive response to ArcheAge: Unchained’s previous Fresh Start Server, Kakao Games and XLGAMES are delighted to announce the launch of an all-new Fresh Start Server for the beloved MMO title. The new server will be accessible to ArcheAge: Unchained players on February 9 and will include a host of new improvements to server specifications based on user feedback. 

The new server is designed to retain the elements previously praised by ArcheAge: Unchained’s playerbase, while also offering additional nuance and enhancements asked for by users to further ease gear progression. Much like the previous Fresh Server Start, there will be basic boosting buffs for XP as well as Conflict, War, Siege, Quest Honor Points, and Vocation, ultimately allowing access to higher-level content quicker. 

Among the changes in the upcoming Fresh Server Start is an increased loot drop rate, which will rise from 200% to a whopping 300% to help players acquire higher-level gear faster. Unlike the previous server which tailored its boosting specifications to the levelling of Hiram gear, these buffs now also apply to Disciple equipment. In a similar manner, the Double Weekly Quest Event will now expand to aid in the progression of Hiram and Disciple gear alike. 

Free server transfer tickets will also be up for grabs for any players who participate in the existing Fresh Start Server (one per account), with a further offering of graduation rewards, including Bound Lucent Serendipity Stones and Akasch Token Crates for those who successfully transfer their characters to other servers. These will be distributed once the server closes. An operating schedule detailing specific boosting and events will be shared as a separate announcement at a later date. For updates, please visit the official ArcheAge: Unchained website.

In the meantime, players also have an opportunity to earn themselves a Cute Malamute Battle Pet as they prepare for the launch of the new server. By subscribing to the Kakao Games newsletter before February 9, they will receive the trusty sidekick “Striker” to their collection, available via the Web Inventory.

There’s plenty of incentive to join the fun once the Fresh Start Server drops on February 9, with a number of exciting reward boosting events taking place, allowing players to earn even more loot when taking part in the Western/Eastern Hiram Weekly Quest or Abyssal Library Daily Quest. This further extends to those who dare attempt to best the Ipnysh Sanctuary or Noryette Challenge. 

For more information on ArcheAge: Unchained, please visit the official site.You can also follow ArcheAge on Discord and Twitter.

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