With more people than ever living in Manchester city centre, the city is drastically changing and has been for the last decade. As the property market evolves and Manchester climbs the tables as one of the best places to live, buy, and invest in property, more people are flocking to the centre and setting up a life for themselves. However, anyone wanting to buy a property and live in it may want to know where is best for them to do their house hunting. Anyone else who may want to invest in a buy to let property or buy to sell may want to know the most liveable areas so they can succeed.

Four areas in Manchester come out on top; Spinningfields, Northern Quarter, Ancoats and New Islington. These areas are accessible, yet you can still purchase properties for a reasonable price. Below is everything you need to know if you’re thinking of purchasing a new home in Manchester.


A little pricier than other options on this list, if you’ve got some money to splash on a purchase, then Spinningfields is the best choice for you. Featuring a plethora of fancy bars and restaurants, this area is known to be home to footballers and soap stars alike. Living here is a little pricy, but if you can afford it, why not? Anyone interested in purchasing or investing in this area on a tighter budget should look at newer RW Invest over the river from Spinningfields. The likes of Local Blackfriars offered by RW Invest is a great investment opportunity. It has high rental yields of 6% and is in demand by young working professionals. Prices in Spinningfields typically vary from around £160,000 to £1m, which is why those with a budget may find something better suited to them further afield.


After recent years, Ancoats has undergone a renaissance with mills now being transformed into luxury flats and restaurants. In Ancoats, there seems to be a new coffee shop or bar popping up every day. It is slowly becoming a popular city centre area as more people realise how much potential it has for property and regeneration. There are various new developments which are ideal choices for a young working couple who want to be within a stroll of their workplace in the centre.

Similarly, there are townhouses for families who wish to be within distance of the city. Prices are a lot more affordable than the likes of Spinningfields with some developments as cheap as £125,000. If you’re looking for a one-bed flat, there are more affordable options available.

Northern Quarter

Another part of Manchester that was once derelict and run-down after people abandoning the mills and lofts, the once empty area now thrives on being the nightlife capital of the north. You can’t move for quirky cafes and vintage shops as well as vegan restaurants. There is so much to explore in the northern quarter that being a resident of the area will never become boring. In terms of prices, it is in between Ancoats and Spinningfields, which means it’s affordable for those with a middle-sized budget. Typically ranging from £135,000 to £500,000, the property prices are more than affordable! It’s an upcoming area that everyone desires to live in, especially the young people who are just starting in their working lives.

New Islington

Saying goodbye to council estates and hello to new luxury developments, this area of Manchester has changed its status to reflect its new look since undergoing massive regeneration. It’s relatively close to the city centre, which means everything is within walking distance. No more waiting around in traffic jams to get to work, step out of your door and walk to work. City centre living in Manchester is so popular as it’s easy to get around and it’s a lot cheaper without having to run a car.