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Can your Hotel Handle the Heat?

ByDave Stopher

Aug 12, 2019

Nowadays hotels are trying to offer the perfect experience for all their customers. Whether that means adding in extra services or trying to include the perfect amenities, most hotels go all out to please. However, there is one thing that is still challenging for hotels, and that’s handing hot weather.

Is the Air Conditioning in Order?

For the last few years the warmer climate has become easier to manage with the use of air conditioning units for most hotels. Usually the energy costs are very high, since they have a lot of rooms to keep cool. If the temperatures are really high outside, that translates into huge AC requirements. Not only does the hotel need a proper packaged terminal air conditioning system, it has to include an AC unit in every room. That’s creates an expensive outlay, which is why some hotels cannot afford do it. 

Some hotels have to go with older methods, machines with dirty coils that don’t really deliver the results that you’d expect. It’s a true challenge and something that you need to consider. Aside from these things your hotel also has to consider other things, one of them being maintenance. Deodorising, disinfecting and cleaning the AC units is the most important aspect and it can become very efficient if you do it right. The true challenge with this is that AC units also become noisy without maintenance, so you have to make sure that everything is handled correctly, otherwise there may be problems later down the line.

Some hotels choose to do regular cleaning and maintenance with serving companies. In some situations it can end up being less expensive than you anticipated, and it can help keep costs low. But it all comes down to value, adaptability and making sure that you look after the equipment that you use.  

Accommodate with your Outdoor Space

During the days, your guests will likely want to make the most of any glorious British weather, so be sure to prepare for the demand of outdoor seating. Make sure the area is being regularly cleaned and that surfaces are wiped as any guests leave. The outdoor space should allow guests shade, achieve this with parasols or partially roofed area. Ensure you have a separate section for smoking, or have provided ash trays. A clear table numbering system should be used efficiently and effectively by the bar and waiting staff to provide a seamless service to guests. Why not invest in a BBQ, where your chefs can cook outdoors, allowing the customers a memorable experience of seeing their food prepared in front of them?

Behind the Scenes

Not only is keeping the temperature throughout the premises comfortable for your guests a challenge, another is keeping things in order behind the scenes. House-keeping staff must be able to carry out their duties along with those working on reception. Are your food and beverage service staff comfortable in their uniforms? The main concern however, is the laundry systems and your restaurant kitchens. Ensuring your appliances are maintained regularly will promote a better performance. If the heat does get to be too much for any of your machinery though and maintenance staff are needed, they can purchase catering parts in the UK here along with laundry parts and cleaning supplies.