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Ideas for What to do With Kids in January whilst in Northumberland?

Ideas for What to do With Kids in January whilst in Northumberland

January can be a challenging month to keep kids entertained, especially with the colder weather and shorter days. However, if you find yourself in Northumberland during this time, there are still plenty of exciting activities to enjoy with your children. From indoor attractions to outdoor adventures, here are some ideas for what to do with kids in January whilst in Northumberland.

1. Visit Alnwick Castle: Alnwick Castle is a magnificent medieval fortress that offers a range of activities for children. Kids can explore the castle’s rich history through interactive exhibits, dress-up in medieval costumes, and participate in hands-on craft workshops. They can also take broomstick flying lessons on the very spot where scenes from the Harry Potter films were shot. With its grand architecture and enchanting atmosphere, Alnwick Castle is a perfect destination for a day filled with fun and discovery.

2. Explore Kielder Observatory: Located within the Northumberland International Dark Sky Park, Kielder Observatory is a unique attraction that offers incredible stargazing opportunities. In January, the longer nights provide an ideal time for children to learn about constellations, planets, and the wonders of the universe. The observatory hosts regular events and workshops suitable for all ages, allowing kids to get up close with powerful telescopes and learn from experienced astronomers. Be sure to check the schedule and book in advance, as events can sell out quickly.

3. Discover The Sill: The Sill is a newly-built visitor center in Northumberland National Park that serves as a hub for outdoor adventures and educational activities. It offers a variety of family-friendly programs, including guided walks, wildlife spotting, and art sessions. The center also features interactive exhibitions that focus on the region’s unique landscapes, habitats, and wildlife. With its stunning panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, The Sill is a fantastic place for kids to learn about nature and enjoy the beauty of Northumberland.

4. Take a coastal walk: Despite the cooler temperatures, a coastal walk can still be an enjoyable experience for children. Northumberland’s coastline is dotted with beautiful sandy beaches, towering cliffs, and hidden coves waiting to be explored. Wrap up warm and embark on a family adventure along the Northumberland Coastal Path, where you can marvel at stunning seascapes, spot local wildlife, and even hunt for fossils. Don’t forget to stop by some picturesque villages along the way to grab a hot chocolate and warm up.

5. Get creative at Woodhorn Museum: Woodhorn Museum is an award-winning museum located in Ashington, Northumberland, which provides a hands-on learning experience for kids of all ages. The museum offers various workshops and activities focused on art, history, and science. Children can create their own artwork, participate in archaeological digs, and learn about the region’s coal mining heritage. With its engaging displays and interactive exhibits, Woodhorn Museum is a fantastic place to ignite your child’s creativity and curiosity.

January doesn’t have to be a dull month for kids in Northumberland. With plenty of indoor attractions and outdoor adventures available, you can keep your children entertained and engaged throughout their visit. Whether they’re exploring medieval castles, discovering the wonders of the night sky, or getting hands-on with creative activities, Northumberland has something to offer for every child.

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