DurhamLightRace credit Rachel BoylesAN international arts project shed light on the North East this weekend following a unique event in Durham city centre.

The Durham Light Race, which was part of the international Urban Light Score Race, took place on Saturday June 20 and attracted dozens of runners and photographers to the area.

The project, which is designed to highlight the culture of the participating cities and promote the importance of light-based technologies to sustainable development, included an orienteering race and a photography competition.

The orienteering race was a huge success and saw more than 60 members of the Northern Navigators Orienteering Club, Cleveland Orienteering Klub, Durham University Orienteering Club and Newcastle & Tyneside Orienteers take part in the event.

Throughout the race participants wore specially created hoodies, designed by artist Stu Langley, complete with illuminated, full length stick men.

“We couldn’t be happier with the turn out for this year’s Durham Light Race,” said Stu Langley.

“The event was a huge success, it really highlighted how vibrant the city is and everybody who took part had a great time.

“The entries for the photography competition are already flooding in, I can’t wait to see what people have captured on film.”

The photography competition will give amateur and professional photographers the chance to win £200 worth of love2shop vouchers.

Photos taken on the night of the Durham Light Race will be judged on Tuesday June 30, with a winner being announced by Friday July 3.

The closing date for entries is Friday June 26. For more information about the competition search for Durham Light Score Race Photography Competition on Facebook.

The Urban Light Score Race is organised by Spanish light designers Luisa Alvarez and Lara Elbaz and is part of UNESCOs International Year of Light, which was set up to improve public and political understanding of the role of light in the modern world.

The event in Durham coincided with a number of other races across the world including Brazil, Buenos Aires and Melbourne.