• Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

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Danielle Croce - Commercial Director at IntasiteDanielle Croce - Commercial Director at Intasite

Intasite, a leading technology platform dedicated to streamlining safety and site access processes for high-hazard industries, is calling on the next UK government to prioritise funding for the nation’s digital infrastructure and cybersecurity.

This appeal follows the recent ransomware attack on the NHS, which targeted Synnovis, a pathology laboratory servicing multiple NHS organisations in south-east London.

Danielle Croce, Commercial Director at Intasite, highlights the urgent need for a comprehensive digital infrastructure policy: “It is vital that the next UK Parliament prioritises a comprehensive digital infrastructure policy. This policy should include enhanced cybersecurity measures to combat the rising tide of cyber threats, safeguarding both businesses and individuals.”

Intasite underscores the critical role of robust digital infrastructure in high-hazard sites, especially in the context of new construction and industrial projects striving to achieve Net Zero emissions. Effective digital solutions are indispensable for managing safety protocols and site access in these environments, reducing risks, and ensuring compliance with stringent safety standards.

Danielle said: “For high-hazard industries, advanced digital infrastructure is not just a convenience but a necessity. It facilitates efficient communication, real-time monitoring, and seamless management of safety procedures, which are vital for both operational efficiency and environmental sustainability.”

Intasite also stresses the importance of universal broadband accessibility, particularly in rural areas, where poor internet access hampers full participation in the digital economy. She added: “Ensuring universal broadband accessibility, with a focus on high-speed internet and 5G deployment, is essential to bridge the digital divide and support remote work and education.”

Addressing the significant shortage of skilled professionals needed to support and develop digital infrastructure should also be another priority. She added: “Advancing digital innovation and skills is crucial. This includes offering incentives and support for tech start-ups to drive innovation, maintaining the UK’s competitive edge in the global tech landscape, and enhancing digital skills education to align with industry needs.”

Intasite’s platform provides a comprehensive suite of digital tools for streamlining induction processes, enabling companies to deliver interactive safety modules accessible from any desktop or mobile device. The platform also includes contractor and supplier management, safety briefings, language translations, and integration with access control systems for enhanced security.