Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 12.02.14ONE of Tyneside’s most popular pubs has launched its own, in-house brewery – by popular demand.

The team at the Three Mile Inn, Great North Road, Gosforth, decided to turn from bar staff to brewers after chatting to some of their beer-loving customers.

Now, with the help of a state-of-the-art micro-brewery in the venue’s cellar, they have created two core ales, with plans to add seasonal and special lines in the coming months.

Head brewer Chris Shorter, who leads a three-strong team at the new Artisan Brew Co., said: “Many of our customers are experts on beer and ale and they were our inspiration.

“It became apparent they were looking for something different, so, we decided it was about time the customer, rather than the brewery, dictated the recipe of an ale or beer.”

Artisan Brew Co.’s inaugural ales are Simple Blonde, which is a full-flavoured golden, pale ale and ABC (Artisan Brew Co) IPA; a classic, copper-coloured IPA with the aroma of traditional, English, Fuggle hops.

Both are freshly brewed and free of additives or preservatives and, although the ales are currently only available at The Three Mile Inn, there are plans to roll them out across other Tyneside venues owned by Malhotra Group plc.

Atul Malhotra, director of operations at Malhotra Group plc, said: “The equipment they are using marries traditional brew processes with modern technology.

“Not only can it meet our demand of around 2000 pints a week but, because it is computer driven, we can guarantee that each pint poured is as perfect as the last.”

To celebrate the launch of the Artisan Brew Co., the Malhotra Group is donating 5p from every £2.20 pint sold to its registered charity, Children’s Heart Unit Fund (CHUF).

For more information contact 0191 255 2100 or visit