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Is a graphics card really important on laptops or computers?

ByDave Stopher

Jan 23, 2019 #technology

Graphics are the main resource that is used to display the output on your monitor, or LCD screen. Every computer or laptop has graphics installed in it for basic display. The choice depends on the dedicated graphics card. This question arises in minds of many people and if you are one of them, then don’t worry, we will get your thoughts cleared in this post.

The computer world has evolved over the past few years and if we talk about the gaming industry, we can surely see a massive upgrade to the graphics in the new titles. The immense graphics portrayed in the games are not possible without the best graphics cards like RTX 3090 GPUs released recently. Some users think that the graphics cards are only made for gaming and are not important in laptops or computers, but in real graphics cards are a very important part of the whole PC structure.

Before we talk more about this topic, you can have a look at the features of the GPU which will almost clear your mind about the use of the Graphics card.

On-Board graphics cards VS Discrete graphics card.

Nowadays you can find built-in GPUs on almost every motherboard which can handle a decent display resolution. On the other hand, there are a bunch of monstrous Graphics cards available in the market from the two vendors NVIDIA and AMD.  If you are not a gamer or a professional video editor then we would say that the onboard display adapter is enough for you, but if you are a gamer who wants to get the maximum out of the games then you are surely in need of heavy graphics card, like the RTX 2070 Super or the RTX 2060 graphics card from NVIDIA or the AMD VEGA 64 from AMD.

Discrete Graphics cards

You can see integrated GPUs on almost every laptop and computer but if we talk about dedicated GPU’s its costs you some bucks to get it straight into your computer.  For gamers, a GPU is the most important part of their rig because all the High-quality graphics would not happen without the help of the GPU. These GPUs are costlier and some can even cost you more than 800 dollars which is quite a high amount.  A dedicated GPU will help you in boosting up the frames while playing modern-day games. It is easy to install a GPU on a computer, but if you need one installed on your laptop, then make sure you visit a guy with hardware experience.

Why should you have a graphics card on your laptop or computer?

The simple answer to this question would be due to the features. A dedicated GPU is not only used by games, interestingly it has some more unique features which helpdozen professional and personal users. Here are the main features and highlights of having a dedicated GPU installed on your computer.


You may be planning to upgrade your old monitor with a new one, mainly for HD display or other personal purposes, but before you do this let us clear you that if your onboard graphics are not powerful, then your system won’t be able to display anything because it does not have a GPU installed in it. Modern LCDs support up to 4K resolutions but that is not possible with the onboard graphics. For this, you need to install a dedicated GPU to support the display resolution.

Photo and video editing

Besides gaming, GPUs are most used for video and photo editing services. You can no run programs like Adobe Illustrator on your on-board graphics adapter, because the rendering process requires power from the graphical unit. You may have experienced a lot of lag on your Laptop or computer while using any of the photo or video editing software. So if you are facing lag or are planning to buy a PC then make sure your build has a dedicated GPU installed in it.


Whenever we say the word VR, the first thought that comes to mind is that it is a part of gaming, but you are wrong here. Virtual reality lets you experience the virtual world, there are many simulators made, aside from this many movies are now made on VR support to get the maximum thrill out of it. Again it is not possible without a Graphics card. You cannot simply take any graphics card and then try to simulate VR but you have to choose the card which has VR support. Here are some GPUs which support VR.

  • RTX 2070 Super
  • RTX 2060 graphics card,
  • GTX 1080ti
  • RYZEN X 6000

On-board graphics

Whatever the device you are using, whether it be a laptop or a computer, you always get a preinstalled onboard graphical chip to display the basic output.  You should never confuse the word graphics card with the onboard graphics, these chips are not made for gaming, or rendering purposes but they are made to get a good display on high resolutions. Nowadays the onboard graphics had stood out be a good performer. You can take the example of the Intel HD graphics which are integrated into the processors. Keep this thing in your mind that if you are going for gaming, then you should have a dedicated graphics card. The 10th generation Intel HD graphics processor would be a no match for the NVIDIA GT1030 which is the cheapest modern-day variant from the company.


In the end, we would say that Nowadays graphics cards are very important to have on laptops or computers. It’s not only about gaming, but now everything requires good hardware to deliver the maximum performance. Especially in the case of laptops, you should take care that your laptop has at least 2GB of dedicated video memory, to support all the editing software and to provide a smooth interface. You cannot even watch videos on 4Kor 2K resolution if you do not have a 4K or 2K supported GPU installed.  At last, we would say that all the users should have a dedicated GPU installed on their laptops or computers to avoid further expenses.

That’s it for today; we hope that this post would have cleared all the thoughts in your mind regarding the use of the graphics card. If you have any questions in your mind, feel free to ask us by commenting below.

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