The United States Presidential Election is fast approaching and it’s not looking good for the current Head of State, Donald Trump, as his Democratic counterpart, Joe Biden, is seemingly running away with the polls, whilst the US Election odds also appear to be massively in his favour!

Biden, who is running for president for the third time in as many decades, is believed to hold a whopping 14-point lead over Trump – according to a survey carried out by the New York Times last month. To put that into perspective, back in April, the 77-year-old held just a six point advantage in the national live-interview polls of registered voters over the billionaire money mogul, so, effectively, his lead has more doubled!

To make matters worse for Trump, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, where he won by minimal margin over Hillary Clinton in 2016, have now turned against him, as he trails after Biden by between six and nine points. And, that’s not all. Florida and Arizona, where he also came out on top four years ago, are in Biden’s favour by seven and four points, respectively. However, the biggest shock of all is in the state of Texas – which has gone in the Republicans favour since 1976 – where Biden is threatening to steal Trumps vote.

Critically for Trump, polls show that he’s losing results amongst female voters, specifically those without college degrees, whilst the elder voters, who were a massive factor in Trump getting assigned to office four years, are also swinging towards Biden.

The businessman-turned-president’s rallies have also seen a drop in attendees, with just over 6,000 people coming out in support of Trump in Tulsa towards the end of last month – a far cry from the one million people he had claimed wanted tickets!

However, with the election not until November, can Biden’s landslide continue? Well, it seemingly can’t – according to Wyoming Republican senator John Barrasso, who claims that Biden is ‘hiding in the bunker,’ before adding: “He can’t hide forever. Once he is out, the Biden blunders will be exposed, and people will see the real choice.”

It’s not all gloom-and-doom for Trump either, as voters have more faith in his capability of turning the country’s economy around than Biden’s – even though part of the reason it has plummeted is due to his approach to the coronavirus pandemic. Trump himself is confident that he can turn around the economic crisis, claiming as much in Arizona.

The way in which the pandemic plays out between now and November, alongside the Black Lives Matter movement – which Trump’s approach has also received criticism for – could be a key factor in the outcome of the election.

However, just because Biden holds an extremely strong position at the minute, so much so that we are confident if the vote was held today he’d win by a mile, with the shocks that came out of the 2016 election, at this point you just can’t rule out Trump clawing back the voters and keeping hold of his place in office!