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It’s in Our Blood: But What Is?

ByDave Stopher

Oct 13, 2018

There’s lots to love about the great North East. But then again, we don’t need to remind you of that, do we? If pushed, what one thing would you say makes the North East so good?

When you think about North East England, what comes to mind first?

Friendly northerners? Sure. Vibrant towns and cities. Definitely. Fascinating history and historical sites? Without a doubt: https://www.newcastlegateshead.com/blog/read/2018/04/best-historic-places-to-visit-in-the-north-east-b202.

In all honesty, if you ask a NE local that question, the list of potential — and accurate — answers could be as long as your arm. But for people from outside of our glorious corner of England, time and time again the resounding response is ‘sport’.

See, whether for The Magpies, The Black Cats or The Boro for football; Falcons or Thunder for rugby; or horse racing in Hexham or at Newcastle Racecourse, our area is known across the country and beyond for its sporting heritage.

If you’re from ‘round here, chances are you’ll have visited one of the above venues at least once. And it’s highly likely you returned once you’d had a taste.

But for some people, watching sport isn’t quite enough. Most people that are into sport like to play the game they love when they can. The problem is that, with modern lives being the way they are, it can sometimes be quite difficult to find the necessary time needed to get your sporting fix.

That was until options for online play such as https://casino.betfair.com/c/slots came on to the market with a long list of slot games to play. Okay, so you might not actually be heading out onto the pitch for a match. With sporting themes ranging from football, tennis, athletics and beyond, if you can’t get out to play the real thing, this is a great close second. Some games are even endorsed by the likes of Frankie Detorri — which can’t be bad.

For a lot of folk, the idea of 24/7 sport might be a bit too much, but not for any dyed-in-the-wool northerner.

Now, you might have read all that and still disagree that sport is the defining character of the North East and those that live here. Truth be told, we were expecting that to be the case. The thing is, there’s almost too much to love about this incredible part of the world. And that’s actually no bad thing.

See, sport is definitely in our blood. But so many different elements are and that’s down to the rich and varied history of our home and the special cultural mix that’s created. And you can see that by the amount of stuff there is to do: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attractions-g4954672-Activities-North_East_England_England.html.

Go out and explore Northumberland National Park; head into Newcastle and take in the Quayside before strolling through Ouseburn; marvel at The Angel of the North; visit Hexham, Alnwick and Tynemouth; breathe in the fresh and brisk air in South Shields. Do whatever you want, because you can here. It’s all in our blood and you should be proud.