The owner of a successful private counselling practice is finding that the tranquil and professional environment in the Manor House is the ideal setting for delivering her counselling, personal and professional development and clinical supervision services.  Julie Twist Counselling moved into an office in the 18th Century Grade II listed building in January 2017 and business owner Julie’s decision has proved to be the right one.

Julie Twist Counselling, which supports individuals dealing with a variety of issues and concerns, joined SMEs from a wide range of sectors in renting office space in Sedgefield’s newest thriving business hub, which is almost at full capacity.  Julie, who has a Master of Arts degree in counselling and experience working within GP surgeries, charitable organisations, women’s refuges, the private sector and the public sector, set up her practice in 2011 but chose to relocate into the Manor House to support expansion plans at the beginning of last year.

Julie was initially drawn to the Manor House’s accessible location in the region and its two ideally sized meeting rooms in the building.  These will make it possible to facilitate group sessions and the delivery of bespoke workshops to businesses and organisations, extending the scope of the work that the business is able to undertake.  However, since moving into the second-floor office space, Julie has discovered a whole host of additional benefits to being based in one of County Durham’s up and coming business centres.

Julie Twist commented: “As soon as I entered the Manor House with its professional yet warm and welcoming ambience, I instantly knew that this fabulous building was an ideal home for my business and this is still very much the case today.  The very nature of my work requires me to maintain client and supervisee confidentiality and as such working as a private counselling practitioner can be quite isolating, but the Manor House offers a real sense of community.  It’s beneficial for me to be able to take time out of my working day and chat to a range of like-minded businesses people in the centre’s communal areas. 

“From a client and supervisee perspective, it’s a really relaxing location for them to come and have their appointment with me.  My office is based at the back of the building on the second floor which offers calming rural views.  Even the drive to the Manor House in its rural village centre setting is ideal for helping clients and supervisees prepare for their session and reflect on what we’ve discussed away from the hustle and bustle.”

Over the past 16 months, since moving into the Manor House, Julie has expanded the business to add personal and professional development to the list of services available.  This involves helping clients to become more self-aware, and providing them with the knowledge and focus to move forward with their lives. 

Julie added: “Personal and professional development is something that has stemmed from my counselling work.  This service allows me to help people to identify why they always do what they do, what prevents them from achieving their goals and what holds them back, both personally and professionally, and helping them to make changes for the better whether it be in their career or relationships with others.

“The Manor House is the ideal location to continue to grow my client base and the services I’m able to offer and I’m excited to see what the future holds.” 

Office space at the Manor House is almost fully occupied, with just one large ground floor office, overlooking Sedgefield village green, currently available to rent.  The venue also offers facilities for meetings and events that can be hired by external businesses and individuals.  For further information contact Marie Walker, events manager at Manor House 1707, by calling 01740 62 92 64 or email

 For further information about Julie Twist Counselling, visit, call 01740 479 044 or email