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Leading Causes Of Car Accidents That People Still Do And Ignore

Every year, millions of people are involved in car accidents. Even though most of these accidents are avoidable, people still do not practice what they are told. Driving schools are businesses imparting new drivers with the best life skills that they can practice to make our roads safe. But some have refused to heed the call. For example, even kids know the ‘don’t drink and drive’ mantra, but there are still many drivers who do that.

Many people are now victims of death that are caused by negligence. A single negligent driver puts the lives of a whole community at risk. Most of the causes of accidents, if not all, are avoidable. If you ever get involved in one due to other people’s carelessness, we strongly suggest that you get legal representation as soon as you can so that the person responsible would not have a chance to get away from justice. Below, are the leading causes of car accidents:

Drunk driving

Alcohol affects most of your faculties, such as coordination, judgment, control, and balance. Even when you want to steer slightly, it ends up being a swerve on the road. It is illegal to drive when you are past the legal alcohol limit. Unfortunately, CDC reports that every day there are about 29 deaths caused by accidents whose root cause is alcoholism. Annually, it contributes to over 10 000 deaths.

Drunk driving causes many wrongful deaths. It is by far the deadliest killer in the country, but some people continue to commit this crime every day, causing deaths of thousands of people. If you had a loved one who suffered death caused by negligence, you know the fact that these accidents are completely avoidable. That is why people who practice such acts should not be tolerated and esteemed lawyers strongly advise that victims never settle for anything less than a guilty verdict that would send them to jail.


Over speeding is a common problem affecting young drivers between 15 and 24 years. Driving over the recommended limit on highways or in residential places is a major cause of death, disabilities, and general accidents. Many people still disregard speed limits, putting all road users at risk. Even those people who are practicing responsible driving are also at risk every time a driver ignores traffic rules. Speedsters often cause fatalities. The problem is that they are avoidable if some exercise caution.

Distractions when driving

You only need a 3-seconds distraction to cause an accident. Texting while driving is by far the most notorious and reckless thing to do. Placing provocative adverts alongside the road is another matter that can escalate the menace of adverts.  Applying makeup while on the wheel won’t make you a supermodel, but it can destroy your life forever. Receiving or making calls while on phone and smartphone usage every time you have a notification and some of the cause of accidents.

Basic smartphone etiquette can save lives. It starts with a simple lesson—be sensible. Again, many people still fail to heed simple advice that can save them from certain danger. Every driver should ensure that he or she is not distracted by anything while driving. If there are niggling issues that are disturbing you, use public transport for some time. Self-distraction is aiming to self-destruction, and everyone should avoid it to minimize the risks. Do not be distracted by technological gadgets. If you must, ensure that you have taken precautions. For example, pull over to make a call or receive one.

Aggressive and careless driving

Changing lanes dangerously when overtaking puts at least three lives at risk. Tailgating is one of the aggressive driving behavior that many people still engage in even when they know the safety distance between cars; they often stay too close even when they are speeding. Overtaking dangerously near bends, corners, and hills. When there are oncoming vehicles, it is prudent to act soberly and wait for the cars to reduce.

Driving at night

While driving at night should be relatively safe if everyone is following the rules, it is one of the deadliest times of the day to drive. The cover of darkness and probably defective lighting can contribute to a significant injury, as poor visibility can cause vision problems among some people. Almost half of the accidents that occur in a year happen at night. Many lawbreakers think they have what it takes to speed through stop signs and red lights. They more often than not fail spectacularly.

Driving on the wrong side

I don’t know who taught people that driving on the wrong side of the road is okay, but a worrying number of youngers caught driving on the wrong side is high. It does not matter the occasion, ensure that you have taken the right turn. Precautions to shield yourself against such drivers. While occasional mistakes can occur and you end up in the wrong lane, ensure that you get professional help about it.

Changing lanes

Whenever you are exiting a road, turn signals can alert other drivers to avoid injury and fatalities. Be careful when crossing from your lane because there maybe drivers trying to overtake on the wrong side. Keep to your lanes, lest there be rogue drivers on the loose.

Racing on the road

Street racing must be done in a professional setting where all the used ways are secured. Trying to do it without support can cause civilian casualties. There will be no one to control traffic, comb the streets, and such things. Irresponsible racing on a busy road can cause significant damage. The same case goes to those attempting maneuvers on the road. You can always do all this in controlled environments.

Road rage

Provocations on the road can often turn ugly, especially if you have a short fuse. Allowing the anger to boil over can make you do irrational things. It can make you want to race the aggressor, tailgate him or her, or even attempt stunts on the road. All these things can cause accidents easily. You can avoid all that by letting the hatred go.

You can change the destiny of other road users by driving carefully. If you don’t do that, you will undoubtedly be courting an accident that could take away your life. You can also help other people comply with the rules and regulations about driving to reduce the number of accidents occurring every day. If you have a resource guide about defensive driving—as a precaution—to review, it will be perfect.

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