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Learn how to Fish – Basics for beginners


Sep 15, 2020 #life

Do you often think about a relaxing Sunday, on a calm lake, with your fishing line cast, just staying in that tranquillity to catch some fish and spend some time with your loved ones? But unfortunately, you don’t have any knowledge about fishing yet you have this itch to get out there on the water? Then worry not, as this article will get you up to date with some of the best fishing techniques for beginners!

  1. The Equipment:

As a beginner, starting with a simple spinning reel and rod is a perfect start, as they’re sold together, and are easy to set, so it’ll save the time and hassle. Along with these you’ll need some lures and baits (preferably use the live ones) and use cheap lures as using expensive ones will hurt your budget as a starter. To know more about the bait casting reels or best techniques to spool a reel, visit Native Compass.

  1. Know your knots:

There are a few basic knots that are important to be known while practising fishing, once mastered, these will be a good resource at hand.

  1. Having the right info about water and fishes

Also known as “Reading the water”, it is important to know in which areas of a lake does the fish reside, which is usually in or around weeds or downed trees near the shore, and using kayaks or canoes will be the best way to fish in those areas.

Another crucial detail is that the fishes usually reside in cooler temperatures of the water, so during a hot day, you’ll have to fish deeper, while on the cooler times of the day like in the morning, the fishes can be easily found in the shallow waters.

  1. Learn how to cast:

Start by learning how to cast a bait caster and the spinning rod precisely. Often it will be required to cast the bait within a few feet of the strike zone. But if poorly done, then it will result in the loss of lures and missed opportunities.

Also, the right way to determine if the fish has bitten the bait is to hold the rod sturdy with a little tension and observe if there is a pulsation, if yes then jerk a little.

  1. Reeling the fish in:

After confirming the bite, gradually reel the fish in, guiding the rod with the fish’s movement, and do all this with a sense of serenity and peacefulness, as haste will lead to your fishing line getting broken.

  1. Be Prepared for anything:

As this being one of the most vital rules, be ready for anything. You never know the weather, how fishes might respond to the lures, or sometimes, the equipment might malfunction as well. So be prepared for all the situations is of utmost importance.

The more ready you are, the better chances you’ll have of becoming an efficacious fisherman.


These might not seem the easiest or the perfect tips at hand, but these guarantee you the chance to practice fishing the best way you could start.

By ozfetch