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Life Coach Draws on Experience To Release Hard Hitting Novel


Apr 14, 2019

A life coach who spent much of her early career working with women in prison, has released a gritty and exciting novel, much of which is based on her experience.

Northern woman Annette Greenwood, who is now a personal and intuitive life coach to women, has released her novel Imprisoned Heart on Amazon this week and the book is already selling hand over fist.

Based upon the life of Katrina Sanderson, the plot follows a young woman as she falls foul of the law through no fault of her own whilst trying to provide stability for her family. Including love plots, twist and turns mixed with plenty of laughter and tears, the novel shows how when women are faced with challenges and suffering, their true fighting spirit comes through.

And now Annette is delighted to have finally released her long awaited book, which is being bought by female clients, past prisoners and followers of Annette on social media and the web worldwide. Annette said:

“Writing this novel took twelve months around a full time job, but the following eight years to publication have been the most challenging and rewarding.

“When writing Imprisoned Heart, I adopted the principle of putting myself whole heartedly into each character. I lived them, breathed them and got to know them intimately and through this they came alive, especially the main character Katrina Sanderson, who I am especially fond of because she has so much of me in her.”

Over the last eight years, Annette has undergone a number of challenges in her life, more recently nearly losing her husband John, who miraculously survived a serious illness. She has also experienced the loss of her beloved mother and brother in quick succession and a number of traumatic changes to her working life.

Prior to that Annette has suffered from sever depression and anxiety. She found conventional treatments unhelpful, and found Adaptation Practice, a radically different approach that helped her turn her life around. She in turn is now helping other women do the same from her coaching practice in Yorkshire.

Annette believes that by releasing her novel, she is showing the world, and the women in it, that if you have a goal it can be achieved despite negative circumstances. Annette concluded:

“Following a turbulent personal life and career, I now live a much simpler life that is settled, so it seemed the perfect time to release my book. I hope my open heart will inspire others to overcome adversity.

“The purpose of this novel is to encourage women to trailblaze. To be who they know they can be, not listen to naysayers, doubt or fear. Face the world, be proud and follow their own true North even if it seems scary! I hope this novel touches the life and the heart of millions of women, the same way it did for me when I was writing it.”

More information on Annette is available at www.annettegreenwood.com and Imprisoned Heart can be purchased on Amazon now.

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