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Life threatening crisis leads to new business venture

Ann Parker, owner of The Synergy Health Company set up her business after a life-threatening health crisis led her to discover the restorative power of supplements.

Ann suffered a major health crisis, her blood pressure was found to be dangerously high, and she was told by her doctor, “there’s nothing else we can do, cross your fingers and hope you don’t suffer a major stroke or heart attack”. 

After reading a leaflet for a natural plant-based L-Arginine supplement she began taking the supplement Progari-9,+ and within three months Ann’s blood pressure was normal and she no longer takes any medication.

She explains “The doctors told me there was nothing they could do for me but once I began to take the L-Arginine supplement I began to recover. It is the only supplement U.S. Doctors can prescribe to their patients because the science behind it won the Nobel Prize for medicine and it is clinically validated.

I noticed the improvement in my blood pressure readings within a couple of weeks of taking two doses a day.  As we age, we produce less and less nitric oxide which can cause problems in our arteries.  L-Arginine in the right formula can convert to nitric oxide in the body.  Synergy’s product is according to the U.S Physicians Digital Reference, the “highest quality L-Arginine supplement in the world”.

From then I made a total commitment to helping people achieve optimum health and wellbeing. I began by dedicating my time to finding my own health solutions, but the seed was sown that ultimately led to me helping others too.” 

Ann initially decided to set up her own company directly distributing this range of world class nutritional supplements and skincare to the public, but then she made a further, lifelong commitment. She decided, to dedicate her time, to impact even more people to reach their health and fitness goals, using her own personal business experience and her love of training.  

Now Ann works with business owners in the health, fitness and beauty sector, assisting them to get better and quicker health results for their clients. She also gives talks on how individuals can improve their health and wellbeing with improvements in diets and lifestyle choices.

Ann believes in supplements to enhance not replace a healthy diet and lifestyle but through her work has learned that not all supplements are equal.  It is proven that over 40% of supplements do not contain even the main ingredient on the pack.  It is for this reason that Ann chose a brand that is made from natural foods, organic, clinically trialled and has the highest quality accreditations of any supplement manufacturer in the world.

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