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Lionbite Games’ Rain of Reflections Launches Today On Steam

Indie studio Lionbite Games has released the story-driven tactics-adventure game Rain of Reflections on Windows PC via Steam for £14.49, available today with an additional 10% off in celebration of launch. Throughout the journey, you’ll face tense turn-based strategy encounters with destructible elements and a range of tactical challenges, including stealth, dialogue, hacking and combat.

Rain of Reflections’ debut chapter – “Set Free” – follows Wilona, a scientist trying to cure a global epidemic of infertility in a future dystopian world. When Wilona begins to question the experiments she’s running on the planet’s lastborn child, she sets off a life-or-death quest that’ll take her through the pristine towers of the elite, the derelict slums of the underclass, and the sterile halls of the state’s labs.

Your dialogue choices can convince, defuse or outsmart other characters in fully voiced conversations, but they can also affect your friends and foes in combat, helping to change the tide of battle at a critical moment. The game’s unique motivation system means that Wilona’s relationships with characters impact how you can approach situations, allowing various paths to accomplish your goals, some more aggressive than others.

Rain of Reflections’ ambitious narrative will traverse multiple chapters, each a full story in itself showing completely new environments and gameplay from different perspectives. Chapter 2 – “Open Eye” – will follow a deadbeat private investigator in a cyberpunk district called The Cluster, while Chapter 3 – “Undercurrent” – will shed light on the underground resistance movement and its front figure, Imra.

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