Osteoporosis is a bone-related condition in which either the body loses too much bone or produces too little or both. People suffering from this condition tend to have weak bones that are prone to get fractured easily. In certain cases, the fracture could be very serious and it may require the application of Orthopaedic Implants during surgery. Maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet is the key to avoiding bone-related diseases. But if you are living with osteoporosis, you need to be extra cautious to avoid getting serious injuries. In this blog, we are going to discuss some key exercises that’ll help make your bones strong if you are suffering from osteoporosis.

Exercises that need to be done in Osteoporosis

  • Foot Stomps

This exercise aims at reducing osteoporosis by working in the key areas where it could occur like hips. Foot stomping will help strengthen your hips while helping you improve the hip movement. Do this exercise regularly and you’ll experience positive results.

  • Bicep Curls

Performing bicep curl exercise is another way to strengthen bones in people suffering from osteoporosis. This exercise is done using dumbbells or a resistance band. One of the best things about this exercise is that it can be performed either in a seating position or standing as per the comfort level of the person.

  • Shoulder Lifts

Shoulder lifts will strengthen your shoulders while helping you move them with less discomfort and that’ll improve with time. This exercise can be performed using weights or a resistance band. Again, you can do this exercise while sitting or standing as you feel comfortable with.

  • Hamstring Curls

This exercise is known to provide strength to muscles present in the back of your upper legs. With this, you’ll reduce the chances of muscle strain while ensuring a low risk of fracture.

  • Hip Leg Lifts

Performing hip leg lifts will strengthen hip muscles while helping you make different body movements like bending, walking, running, and others without much discomfort if it was there. This exercise is also known to improve your balance.

  • Squats

Squatting is done to strengthen the buttocks and front legs. Avoid doing this exercise excessively as it could result in pain. Take sturdy support while doing this exercise to avoid getting imbalanced or falling.

  • Ball Sit

Ball sit exercise strengthens abdominal muscles and helps promote proper balance. This exercise will require an exercise ball on which you will sit by keeping your feet flat on the ground.

  • Standing on One Leg

This is another exercise that will help maintain balance especially in people suffering from osteoporosis. Here, you need to stand on one leg for at least a minute. Make sure there is a sturdy object nearby to hold if you are imbalanced.

These are eight exercises that’ll help strengthen bones in people with osteoporosis. Performing them regularly will deliver great results and reduce the chances of getting fractures.

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