Sometimes surgeries are unavoidable as they become the last option for the treatment of certain conditions. The same is the case with orthopedic conditions as in serious injuries surgical intervention is a must. Most cases of orthopedic surgeries involve the use of Orthopedic Trauma Implants to fix the issue properly. Everyone knows that surgeries are painful and in some cases, complications may also be seen. But here’s a sigh of relief for people who fear surgeries and that is the introduction of minimally invasive orthopedic surgeries. These are the procedures in which a smaller incision is made as compared to traditional surgical procedures. In this post, we are going to talk about minimally invasive shoulder surgery, but before that, let us have a look at what minimally invasive surgery is.

What is Minimally Invasive Orthopedic Surgery?

The goal of minimally invasive orthopedic surgeries is to reduce the size of the incision made during traditional surgical procedures. Besides this, minimally invasive surgeries are also known to reduce the damage to soft tissues surrounding the affected area. These are some of the two reasons why minimally invasive surgeries are known to be best. Small incisions never mean that the surgical goal will be affected; these surgical procedures are as effective as traditional surgeries. In certain cases, specialized tools may also be used during minimally invasive surgeries.

These types of surgeries are said to have less associated risk, less pain after surgery, and a short recovery period. These reasons are enough to tell why minimally invasive surgeries are considered the best.

What is Minimally Invasive Shoulder Surgery?

Also known as arthroscopy, minimally invasive shoulder surgery involves two or more incisions around the affected shoulder site. After that, a thin tube having a small camera is inserted from an incision to visualize the joint from inside and get better insights into the condition. Based on the examination, the surgeon will then insert small surgical tools and orthopedic devices through other incisions. Surgical instruments are then guided to the correct place by looking on the monitor where live visuals are provided by the camera. This is how minimally invasive shoulder surgery is performed and it could be done to relieve painful symptoms.

Shoulder Conditions that can be treated using Minimally Invasive Shoulder Surgery

When to use minimally invasive shoulder surgery will be decided by the surgeon after assessing certain parameters. Below-mentioned are certain conditions in which this procedure can be recommended.

Rotator Cuff Injury

Rotator cuff tear is the condition for which the doctors may recommend minimally invasive shoulder surgery. This surgery could be effective in both cases where a tear has either occurred due to injury or with age. It is also preferred when rotator cuff injury does not show any improvement after months of non-operative treatment.

Biceps Tendon Injury

This is a painful condition and is characterized by a lot of discomfort. In this condition, an injury to the biceps tendon occurs that starts from the shoulder joint. The torn biceps tendon can easily be repaired with the help of minimally invasive shoulder surgery. This is why minimally invasive surgery is recommended by the doctor for the treatment of this condition.

Shoulder Instability

Another condition for which minimally invasive shoulder surgery will be recommended is shoulder instability. This condition could be traumatic and is characterized by partial or complete dislocation of the shoulder.

Bone Spur

Bone spurs can develop in the shoulder due to cartilage degeneration or damage to the bone to bone joint. In such cases, bone spur removal is recommended to avoid any serious complications. So, in certain cases minimally invasive shoulder surgery might be helpful while reducing the incision and achieving the surgical goal.

There is no doubt that minimally invasive surgeries ensure less post-operative pain and faster recovery. But this procedure is not like “one size fits all.” The doctor decides which orthopedic conditions can be effectively treated using minimally invasive orthopedic surgeries. In this post, we have spread some light on minimally invasive surgeries that are performed on shoulders. We hope this post would have been helpful to you.

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