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Local Supply Chain Briefed on Development Corporation Opportunities

More than a hundred businesses gathered for a briefing outlining the significant opportunities that the South Tees Development Corporation Master Plan will bring to the supply chain.

The breakfast event, hosted by Tees Engineering Network (TEN) and held at the Darlington Campus of Teesside University, welcomed John McNicholas, Engineering & Programme Director at the South Tees Development Corporation who gave an overview of the Master Plan.

The 25-year plan sets out the STDC’s regeneration goals for the area and has been described as ‘the single greatest development opportunity in the UK right now.’

Bill Scott, Chief Executive of Wilton Engineering, also spoke about his company’s successful diversification from oil and gas into wind and its part in the significant ‘Steelwind’ project.  Wilton Engineering secured a multi-million pound contract to build parts for a huge offshore windfarm which could create up to 150 new jobs.

John McNicholas said: “There was huge interest from guests in the Master Plan and how this incredibly ambitious programme could benefit them.

“Feedback at the event was very positive and I’m assured that everyone went away feeling enthusiastic and fully engaged with the proposals, understanding what a significant opportunity this is for businesses across Tees Valley.”

Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen added:  “Ensuring that local procurement is a key part of the Master Plan and is vitally important.  The vision of the Development Corporation will see the area completely transformed into a hotbed of new industry with sustained economic growth and prosperity for the region.    Businesses must be ready for the supply chain opportunities that will present themselves and events like this are crucial to share information and also to hear from businesses what they hope to achieve from the Master Plan.”

Helen Burdon, Industrial Marine Hydraulics and one of the TEN founders, said:  “Tees Valley is already home to an extensive range of businesses which have the capabilities to meet the demand of our local engineering supply chain. These visionary plans will see a number of new firms come into the area and opportunities for our local supply chains will significantly increase and we stand ready to support them.”

The event was arranged with TEN as part of the South Tees Development Corporation’s consultation exercise that will end on the 30th November.

Two further public consultation events are being held on;

Local communities are urged to attend these local events to have their say on the plans which will have a significant impact on the Tees Valley.

The South Tees Development Corporation is the only Mayoral Development Corporation outside of Greater London with significant powers to promote economic regeneration.  Launched recently by the Prime Minister, it will look to convert assets in the South Tees area into industrial opportunities for business investment. Once fully developed the vision would see 20,000 jobs created and add an additional £1 billion per annum to the local economy.

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