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Lovely Jub-ilee- Monarchy Mugs Most in Demand Memorabilia

Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-serving British monarch in history, is set to be the first royal to reach the Platinum Jubilee landmark. The bank holiday weekend between 2-5 June is much cause for celebration, which is evident with £282 million spent on Platinum Jubilee merchandise and the British public’s favourite type of merchandise is the mug with 16 million sold for the Platinum Jubilee.

Collecting royal memorabilia has been a British tradition for hundreds of years, which is why Middletons Mobility has undertaken a study surrounding the most popular royal memorabilia, which collectables have the potential to increase the most in their value, and the most popular royal events to date.

  • The British public’s favourite type of merchandise is the mug with 16 million sold for the Platinum Jubilee.
  • The Platinum Jubilee is expected to be the most popular event for royal memorabilia. 
  • The Platinum Jubilee memorabilia has cost £113 million more than the second most expensive royal occasion, Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding.

Platinum Jubilee Set to Become the Most Popular Royal Event

£282 million has been spent on Platinum Jubilee merchandise according to the Centre of Retail Research, meaning The Platinum Jubilee is £113 million more than the second most expensive royal occasion 

Charles and Diana’s 1981 wedding is still a close second after over 40 years, with the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977 in third.

The Memorabilia with Royal Resale Value

For those looking to make a profit on their royal memorabilia, there are certain items that have increased in price dramatically since they were first sold. The item with the highest resale value is the Queen Elizabeth II Coronation plate, reselling for £559.90.

Second place is also an item from the same event, the Queen Elizabeth II Coronation mug, unsurprising as mugs are the most popular collectable item. The third best investment is that of glasses sold for the Golden Jubilee, reselling at £165. With money to be made, it is likely that this will also reflect upon the projected resale value of Platinum Jubilee merchandise, as this is an even rarer occasion for a monarch.


For those looking for items to avoid, biscuit tins are shown to have the lowest resale value at £47.

The Nation’s Favourite Coronation Collectables

A study has shown that the public will purchase more than 6 million mugs and 10 million flags, meaning the Platinum Jubilee will sell more Royal memorabilia than any other Royal event.

Research Middletons also revealed that the British public’s favourite type of royal merchandise is the mug. The Silver Jubilee mug has topped the lot, closely followed by the Platinum Jubilee mug, and third place to Charles and Diana Wedding Mug.

Roya Memorabilia Average Monthly Searches Current Value
Silver Jubilee Mug 260 £0.99 – £39
Platinum Jubilee Mug 210 £3
Charles and Diana Wedding Mug 250 £1.50 – £100

The second most desirable collectable is Royal plates. Both the Platinum Jubilee and Charles and Diana Wedding Plate are the most popular, with an average of 150 searches based on this data.

Roya Memorabilia Average Monthly Searches Current Value
Platinum Jubilee Plate 150 £8.45 – £30
Charles and Diana Wedding Plate 150 £2.10 – £269.99

The UK public regard bone china memorabilia as the third most popular collectible. With William and Kate’s Wedding Bone China topping the lot with 240 average monthly searches.

Roya Memorabilia Average Monthly Searches Current Value
William and Kate Wedding Bone China 240 £12.50 – £23
Harry and Meghan Wedding Bone China 100 £7.99
Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Bone China 80 £3.99 – £124

The above depicts the top three most popular bone china pieces of Royal Memorabilia. Even so though the Diamond Jubilee Royal Bone China averages at an average of 20 searches per month, this could actually be the most valuable piece of collectable bone china from any Royal event, with some pieces being sold at prices as high as £139.99 per piece! 


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