Macau’s Gaming Luxury

The former Portuguese colony attracts a mixture of Asian and European cultures, which is reflected in the unique architecture of the city and local color. For many tourists, Macau is interesting mainly as one of the world centers of the gaming industry, where everyone can find entertainment to their taste. In many countries, gambling is prohibited, so these 30 square kilometers of land with luxury casinos play a very significant role in the scale of both the East Asian region and the rest of the world.

Features Of The Macau Gaming Industry

Macau is the only place in China where a huge number of its residents and incoming tourists can legally gamble for money. Every year, the revenue from the gaming industry of this administrative center only increases. The overall figures have long exceeded the revenues of Las Vegas casinos by several times. In 2001, a law was passed with a list of 24 games that can be played in local gaming establishments. A specially created coordination office strictly controls the process of obtaining a license, tax revenues, and reporting in general. A special agreement is signed between the authorities and each operator.

The Brightest Casinos

Macau boasts many world records in the construction of casinos, thousands of slot machines and gaming tables, as well as a huge army of maintenance personnel. Here everyone will find favorite something to do, and in between games you can visit numerous shows. The streets are filled with neon advertising lights different casinos with the participation of world and local celebrities. Thanks to this approach and a lot of competition, Macau casinos have long gained worldwide recognition and a reputation as a gambling paradise. We present you with the best of them.

Venetian Casino Resort

The famous Cirque du Soleil circus was invited to the opening ceremony of the Venetian Macau, where it showed a colorful performance for several dozen of the first visitors, among whom was the famous Manchester Utd football club in full force. This place is full of luxury, and casino visitors are not used to saving on entertainment. Moreover, Venetian Macau is the largest casino in the world. Inside this entertainment center, you will find a large shopping center, a chic hotel with three thousand rooms, and canals with gondolas, which leaves few people indifferent and reminds you of the real Venice. After a short tour, prepare to visit the world’s most spacious gaming halls, which cover an area the size of four football fields. In these spaces, there is a huge number of places for slot machines, card tables, and roulette. It is always exciting here. Visitors to the gaming halls are waiting for a variety of shows, chic restaurants with delicious dishes and they can always spend a few nights in the Venetian or Four Seasons hotel.

Grand Lisboa Casino

Grand Lisboa Hotel & Casino is located in the center of Macau, next to the oldest gambling venue “Lisboa” in the colonial style. A new 58-story version of the casino with a height of 260 meters, has become a real business card of the city. The authors of the project developed a building in the form of a blooming flower, which can rightly be called a miracle of architectural thought. The hotel is a skyscraper in style Las Vegas attracts visitors with its elegance and luxury. The gambling halls and restaurants in this casino were opened in early 2007, and the hotel almost two years later. The main pride of the Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino is the unique 218.08 carats “Stanley Ho Star” diamond, which is displayed in the lobby. Its perfection, purity, and brilliance, implies an analogy with the impeccable comfort and luxury that casino guests will experience.

The Sands Macau Casino

This is an example of an American-style Macau casino with live music and free drinks for players. The Sands can be called Asian Las Vegas, located on the island of Taipa. It is very easy to reach by ferry. On the territory of the casino, there are fifteen hundred different slot machines and more than eight hundred gaming tables. Here you can take risks and spin the roulette wheel around the clock! To further raise the mood, there are concert venues, where famous and popular stars of show business perform, replacing each other. This is one of the gambling establishments in Macau, which has very modest rates, which attracts not only regular customers but also those who came to try their luck for the first time.