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Make a splash with these top marketing ideas for your Pool Maintenance Business.

Summer is here, and everyone’s getting ready to spend their December holiday with their friends and family by the pool. Every swimming pool owner wants a sparkling pool for the season, so now’s the best time to market your services. Boost your marketing activities and make a splash with this blueprint for pool maintenance marketing.


Social media marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most affordable and effective ways to promote your business online. If you’re already using at least one social platform to market your business, increase your social media advertising budget for the season and focus on detailed targeting to reach potential customers. You should also share content regularly on your platforms to show customers that you’re active online. Share informative and interesting posts – this shows your audience you’re an industry expert. You’re also more likely to get more engagement and post shares if your content is interesting, as people like messages they can relate to, increasing brand awareness.

Video marketing

More and more businesses are incorporating video content in their marketing strategy, with 85% of companies using it to market their brand. Video marketing allows you to build trust with your audience. When you put a face to your brand, it’s easier for customers to connect and engage with you online. According to Google, how-to videos earn the most attention of any content category on YouTube. If you have a YouTube channel, focus on creating how-to videos with helpful tips for pool maintenance. You don’t need to have a YouTube channel to share videos. You can also share video content on your social media platforms.

Google Ads

Your goal should be to get more traffic to your website, and you can achieve this with Google Ads. Google is currently the most popular search engine in Africa, with a market share of 97%. If you want people to find your company online, this search engine is the place to be featured. With Google Ads, you can make sure you’re one of the first businesses customers see when searching for pool maintenance services. Like social media advertising, you have control over the amount of money you want to spend, and you can pause your ads and adjust your budget at any time.

Customer referrals and reviews

Happy customers can be the best advertisement for your business. Ask your loyal customers if they’d be willing to recommend your pool maintenance services to people they know. Referral marketing is a simple way to market your business – and if you’re already offering a good service, your customers will be more than willing to share your services with their friends and neighbours. It’s also an affordable marketing strategy that costs your business nothing or very little if you offer an incentive for referrals. Another cost-effective idea is to ask satisfied customers to share a positive review or testimonial with you, which you can then share on your website and social media platforms. Reviews and testimonials can influence people looking for pool maintenance to choose your services and enhance your business’s credibility.

Make marketing your focus with Pool Maintenance Software.

If your most significant obstacle is finding time to focus on marketing, you need a system to reduce admin time and automate some of your time-consuming tasks. Consider Pool Maintenance Software for your business and enjoy the benefits of a system designed with a company like yours in mind.

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