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Make sure you Stay Well This Winter

Northumberland County Council, alongside NHS England, Public Health England and the Department for Health are encouraging residents of Northumberland to ward off common winter illnesses and make sure they stay well this winter.

Cold weather can be very harmful, especially for those in higher risk groups, such as, over 65’s, young children, pregnant women and people with long term health conditions. There are many ways you can ward off illness in the winter months, for example, making sure you stay warm indoors as well as outdoors by wearing suitable clothing for the weather conditions and heating your house to at least 180C, visit your pharmacist if you are feeling unwell or develop a cough or cold to ensure you treat any illnesses promptly so they do not develop into anything more severe and also getting your flu vaccination if eligible.

The flu vaccination is available for over 65’s, pregnant women, people with long term health conditions, young children aged 2-8 and main carers of an old or disabled person. For young children, the vaccination is a simple nasal spray. If you have not been offered your flu vaccination, contact your local GP today check whether you are eligible to receive it.

Councillor Veronica Jones, with responsibility for Public Health at Northumberland County Council said: “We are urging the residents of Northumberland to take care of their health this winter.

“Winter can be seriously bad for our health and is a time which can cause lots of illnesses, some increasing into something more serious, so it is important for the more vulnerable groups, along with those less vulnerable, to ensure they make their health a priority for them and others.

“We recommend that at the first sign of illness everyone seek advice from their pharmacist to help avoid minor illnesses turning into something more serious, the sooner you get advice, the better. We also urge all those eligible for the flu vaccination that they ensure they receive it, it’s free because you need it.”

Further information about how to stay well this winter can be found here, nhs.uk/staywell

By Emily