Making Something Happen are proud to announce that Alexa Owen has joined Making Something Happen as a business board Director and Trustee.


Alexa is MSH’s first business board director from outside Teesside, living in West Yorkshire and working for a well known business in the insurance sector, Broker Network, as sales executive for the network.


Steve Gordon, Founder & CEO of MSH said “I’m so happy that we’ve added Alexa to our business board. I’m honoured that she expressed such interest in what we’re doing and wanted to be involved. We met earlier in the year on business and I happened to be wearing a t-shirt with the logo of our YouTube channel, The Make Yourself Show, and the conversation started from there. It’s mind blowing that we’re going to add Alexa’s drive and enthusiasm to our business board”.


Alexa added “I’m delighted to be joining the business board of MSH and looking forward to being able to pass on my experiences. I’ve worked in the financial services industry, specifically insurance, for 18 years now and it’s a really exciting place to be so I hope to be able to pass on some of my enthusiasm to the next generation. Having a daughter myself, I think it’s great that MSH are looking at strong, female professionals to be part of their organisation and to help the girls realise just what they can achieve”.


Steve concluded “I’m looking forward to Alexa coming up with some awesome ideas on how we can do things, particularly in terms of role models and aspirations for the young girls we work with”.


Notes to editors:-

Making Something Happen is a charity based in Teesside in the North East of England raising time from businesses and individuals to help looked after children and pupils with special educational needs in Teesside and wider North East region to experience work, learn and improve skills and increase job prospects and career potential. We primarily work with schools and local authorities to deliver our objectives.

Making Something Happen was set up in November 2012 by Steve Gordon along with fellow Directors/Trustees Helen Gordon, Sam Reeve and Alan Chapman.

At present, and for the foreseeable future, the charity is very lean, with no salaries or expenses allowed for Directors/Trustees within our constitution document (a copy of which is available on request).

Transparency and accountability

Our accounts and transactions will remain open for donors wherever required for inspection along with our constitution documents.